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BEWARE! Phishing emails "Stripe"

I received a phishing email today, supposedly from ‘Stripe’ but clearly not. It was from

It read:

Hi there,

This is a quick note on your account.

As it currently stands, your account has a negative balance of $25.50, and we’ve recently run into trouble verifying this amount from your bank account.

We would appreciate if you could update your banking information so we can automatically retry this payout and keep your account in good standing. You can update your banking information here:

I always check the sender of emails like this. I have a MacBook Pro and to the right of the supposed sender’s name (when you run your curser along it) is a down arrow which shows you the real sender’s name).

I also always send a copy of the email to the Government’s ‘Suspicious Email Reporting’ group, (email address:

Be Aware & Take Care


Thanks for warning us Jackie xxx

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Thanks for highlighting this. Appreciated.

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Thank you Jackie.

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Thank you for making us aware of this - much appreciated.

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Thank you Jackie

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Thanks for the warning Jackie.

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Thank you so much for the update.

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Thanks you for the report. Sallyc

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