Folksy Ltd

Potential scam artist at work

(Lois Bell) #1

I’ve received an email from Folksy saying someone has contacted me about 6 different items from my shop. The implication is that they’ve purchased these items, but they haven’t. There’s an attachment to a .php file - I’ve no intention of opening it.

I don’t want to identify this person as I believe that’s breaking the rules, but I’ve asked Folksy to look into it.

Anyone else had something similar today?

(Joy Salt) #2

Not had that one but thanks for the reminder. Just checked my webmail junk folder and all my missing Facebook messages were in there marked as Spam. Thanks Orange webmail.

(Diane Burton) #3

Not received one of those but thanks for the warning, hopefully folksy will sort it out for you.

(Maureen Brazier) #4

I had one yesterday - said that I had a message from a person regarding a particular item but there was no message - thought it was strange and I deleted it. Didn’t report it though.

(The Hunny Bunny Company) #5

The usual paypal one seems to be doing the rounds again too!

(Lois Bell) #6

That’s exactly what mine was - said there was a message but there wasn’t, just a link to a file or webpage.

I’d love to name and shame the culprit but it’s innocent until proven guilty, I guess.

(Anne Corr) #7

I didn’t know about this sort of danger so thanks for the alert!