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Increased Phishing Emails

(Ronald Koorm) #1

Do others notice there has recently been an explosion in ‘Phishing Emails’ pretending to be one of the big players out there. eg Amazon, Lloyds Bank, BT, Halifax, Natwest, etc ?

I virtually never used to get these, but almost every day now there are one or two emails, sometimes with attachments but always with links encouraging to click the link otherwise threatening your service may be suspended.

Also, emails from ‘Amazon’, thanking me for my recent order ( ? ) and giving me an order reference number, when I haven’t ordered anything recently. That’s happened three times in two days.

Fortunately, my antivirus on a Mac , ( Yes, even Mac’s need antivirus programmes too ! ), picks up exe files and recognises threats. Was a time, when, if you had a Mac laptop or computer, antivirus and security was unheard of, and only Windows -based machines needed them.

My antivirus detected a nasty trojan yesterday, and I managed to remove it and disinfect / the mac without too much trouble.

These guys work on the basis that even if 0.001% of the recipients of the emails click on the links or open the attachments, they will be able to either take over your data on your computer, or get your passwords to various accounts and siphon off your funds.

Be careful out there !

(Donna) #2

I have been getting loads of Apple and PayPal ones as well as the Amazon ones, telling me they need more information from me or my account will be closed. They are very convincing and it’s easy to see how less suspicious people get caught out by them

(Ronald Koorm) #3

Interesting. I also had Paypal emails saying the same thing.

(Christine Shephard) #4

Yes, I get BT ones nearly every day now and Amazon ones in triplicate sometimes! Most are caught by my spam filters but a few sneak through. I always block the senders, so hopefully they will get weeded out next time. They are a pain!

(Diane Burton) #5

Not had many lately but have had several paypal ones in the past (I just forwarded them to paypal’s spoof email department) I suppose they assume that we’re all ordering so much online for Christmas that we won’t notice the odd rogue one slipping in, I’ll be keeping my eye out for any that shouldn’t be there (just hope I don’t delete any about things Hubby might have ordered for me :slight_smile: )

(Kim Blythe) #6

Yes, I am getting quite a lot, but luckily they all end up in my Spam. I check every day and delete them.
I quite often find I have the same emails at my work email address as well, but they don’t always get filtered out…and I have to be really careful as obviously we get similar legitimate ones!


(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I’ve had a few from ebay that unless I knew I’d not sold any thing I would have thought they were real

Bascially saying a case had been open for item not received. With item number and all the correct outlay of email with correct wording and colour’s a complete copy of a real ebay email. They are getting really good at it.