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Has anyone had any black Friday bargains?


I’ve escaped the thumping of my embroidery machine to come and have a gossip in the calm of the Folksy forums :slight_smile: and was just wondering if any of you lovely people have had a bargain?
I’m feeling rather pleased with myself as I was shopping on line at 7am just on the off chance someone had Lego in their sales, not really expecting much, but got a Lego Avengers Tower for £42 instead of £59!!! Woohoo :slight_smile: Thank you John Lewis :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Toying with the idea of getting some more undies at 40% off but that always make me think that if I order the girl shorts they will send me a thong as that is about 40% less fabric…

(Rachel) #3

Yes, I grabbed myself a pair of earrings from folksy - now I need to tell my husband that he has bought me another Christmas present :smiley:

(Minerva) #4

I found some things in the supermarket! Does that count? 2 bags of groceries for less than £20. Including dessert! I think I did get a bargain. :grinning:

(tyrerart) #5

(Minerva) #6

Your item will get more attention if you post it in another part of the Forum.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #7

I got a nice cardigan for £7.50 but I’m not sure it was a Black Friday deal!


Sasha @SashaGarrett That made me chuckle :smile:
Rachel @Glehcar Your husband sounds like a very generous man lol
Minerva @BelaFarCrafts It sound’s like yu got some good deals!
Lowri @twinkleandgloomart That sound good, a bargain is a bargain weather or not it’s a Black Friday deal
@tyrerart Randomly posting your items isn’t the way to get sales, it tends to annoy people rather than make them want to buy. There are several threads just for advertising on the forum. This one was for break time gossip :smile:

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #9

ooh that’s on my boys wishlist…but can’t even get on John Lewis website!

(Roz) #10

Managed to get a black friday bargain in advance - on Thursday! Bought my daughter a leather effect jacket for christmas for £25 reduced from £35. Wasn’t really out looking for bargains but when you see them you just have to buy!

(Elaine) #11

Keep trying Elizabeth. I managed to grab a bargain on a techie toy for my hubby - he’s been after this particular toy for a while and John Lewis came up trumps on price today. Elaine

(Diane Keeble) #12

I got 40% off Crabtree and Evelyn online. That is another Christmas present hubby can give me!


oh no, keep trying. I got on first try but that was at 6.50 this morning. I hope you manage to get it :slight_smile:

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #14

Ach! it’s out of stock now. not to worry I still have plenty of time :smile:


They did have them in toys r us. I don’t know if they have any deals on though :confused:

(Sarah Lambert) #16

No I couldn’t either- has it crashed?

(Louise Foot) #17

forgive me for being dim (again) but how do you know what % discount the black friday shops on here are offering?

(Roz) #18

Heres a link to the Folksy blog showing all the participants and discounts they are giving. Scroll all the way down - they are sectioned according to what they sell.

(Louise Foot) #19

Thanks Roz

(Julie Maginn) #20

Everyone is supposed to have added a bit to the tag line on the front of their shop just under the banner with the discount and the code! However I have noticed a few people have forgotten so you don’t know!!! There is a list in the folksy blog/email they sent out but that makes it a bit of a faff going back and forth!!