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Blackpool Printmaker looking for local group meet ups

(Squirreland Tiffin) #1


I am looking for ant craft groups that meet up in the North West area. I am based in Blackpool so if possible near to me to save travel times.
Would be great to meet local crafters and like minded people.

Squirrel & Tiffin

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(Rachel) #2

I am not a group but I am local to the North West did you find a group?

(Squirreland Tiffin) #3

Hello @Glehcar

Sorry I haven’t replied I have been busy at the studio!

I haven’t found a creative group but I do now go to the Manchester WI which is fab. Where are you based? I am in Blackpool so looking for a group that is this neck of the woods!

Linzi x

(Rachel) #4

Hi, Burnley for me so an hour away from Manchester and 50minutes from Blackpool :smiley:

(Squirreland Tiffin) #5

Hi @Glehcar

Sorry for mega late reply! Yes its not too far away. We could meet up maybe at an event we both like the look of and talk about work things?


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(Rachel) #6

It would be nice if a few of us could meet up, could we give a shout out to anyone else that is local? :smiley:

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(Squirreland Tiffin) #7

Sure! How do we do that? lol x

(Natalie Franca) #8

I’m in Manchester, so not too far away either and am up for a meet up one day too!

Natalie xx

(Squirreland Tiffin) #9

@MoreTeaVicarKnitwear I would love to meet with you two! When is best for you? We could arrange a date/time then do a call out and say a place we are meeting? x

(Rachel) #10

I drive so anywhere is accessible, I am not sure how to ask others to join us though :slight_smile: it would be lovely to have a north west meet up

(Rosesworkshop) #11

Hi Linzi,
there’s a group at the Claremont Community Centre. I think they are quite painting oriented, but worth looking into.

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(Rosesworkshop) #12

I just saw this on facebook and thought of you :smile:

(Rachel) #13

This sounds super

(Squirreland Tiffin) #14

Hi @rosesworkshop and @Glehcar thanks for this info.

Yes I am looking really to get out of Blackpool and meet/speak with others not in the area. As I worked as a photographer for the Council for 2yrs and have been ‘on the art scene’ for the last 7yrs I feel I know everyone and what happens here each year. I joined the Manchester WI to be able to get out and meet new people and also made this group for that reason too.

Does anyone feel that can make it up to Preston at any point for a get together? Or if we are not happy with a town center meet there is a place called Ribby Hall that has a starbucks… I am conscious to support local places though and I know Preston has a place called the ‘Mystery Tea House’ that is super lovely.

Any other ideas for a meet that suits people better? Once we have a place/date/time I was going to do an open call on here again as maybe some others would like to come from that area?

Looking forward to meeting up!
Linzi x

(Rosesworkshop) #15

My “meet-ups” tend to be at events and craft fairs. I had a great day-out yesterday at PromArt Grange-over-Sands, chatted to some lovely fellow crafters, and also sold more in one afternoon than I have on Folksy all year :smile:

(Squirreland Tiffin) #16

Hi @rosesworkshop

Did you have a stand at the fair or were you just visiting? I have been encouraged to take up a stand but not really looked into it yet!


(Rosesworkshop) #17

Hi Linzi,
yes it’s one of my regular events, I’ve done for several summers now.

The organisers are lovely and work really hard to attract the customers. Remember it’s an outdoor venue at the seaside, so you will need a very strong gazebo to protect your creations from the wind and occasional rain. Come and see what it’s all about - last Sunday of the month through to September My regular pitch is near the café :smile:

(Liz Emery) #18


I’m from Manchester and would be really up for a meet up, I am new to selling my crafts so would love to meet other people who’ve been doing it and get some advice and I’d also love to go to a craft fair/event with you all. I’d be really interested in going to the PromArt fair and can make it to Preston as well.

Liz :smile: