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Manchester WI - looking for craft sellers & open for new members!

Hey all, I’m on the committee of Manchester WI, we’re a new-style WI and we love hand crafted loveliness!

We’re opening for new members at our meeting on 27th January, and we’d love to have a few craft stalls during the evening. There’s no charge for a stall and we’ll have around 80-100 ladies signing up for membership on the evening.

Here’s our website, please let me know if you’re interested in finding out more please reply or pm me - or if you’d love to join up we’d also love to see you!


I’m new to folksy, and still rather new to Manchester, so have been looking for more ways to integrate, but other than school mums I’ve become a little lost.
I’m an artist, I work in watercolour, I paint animals, and pet portraits, or is it just craft based ladies you are looking for?

Hayley x

Hiya Hayley, thanks for getting in touch, I love your work! :slight_smile:

We’ve got a meeting this week to finalise all the details for the 27th - do you mind if I come back to you after then and confirm?

If you’re new to Manchester it’d be a great way to meet new people too - we’re a friendly bunch and we have loads of things going on!

Shelly x

Hi Shelly,

I’m also interesting in getting some more info when you’ve finalised the details. Always great to meet other local designers. :smile:


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Hey Shelly,

Thank you so much!
Not a problem at all.
I’ve been here 6 months now, but my husbands job means I’m artist/full time mum, and we have no childcare here, so adult socialising really is rare.

Let me know when you have any more info.



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Hi Hayley - I’ve got your email address from your website, a lady called Kelly will be in touch via email with more details, hope to see you soon!! Shelly x

Hi Lorraine, please can you send me your email address? I tried to PM you but it kept logging me out so I don’t know if it reached you!! A lady called Kelly is coordinating the stalls, if you send me your email address she can forward you the info, thank you & hope to see you soon! Shelly x

Thanks Shelly!

I will keep an eye out.

  • Thanks again x

Hey @hullabobbinboo, Just wondering if you had any more details as I haven’t heard anything, and would really like to come along to meet you lovely ladies

Thank you !

  • Hayley x

Hiya Hayley - I’ll chase up the lady who’s due to email you - it’s definitely still on for Tue 27th & we’re looking forward to seeing you :slight_smile: xx

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EEEEEKKK!! Expectations, halp! No worries, thanks. I’ve blocked Hubby having a night out

Hello @hullabobbinboo,

I am a Blackpool based printmaker and I have been looking for a creative women’s group in my area but have not found anything as interesting as the Manchester WI.
I would really like to get involved and wondered if you accept people from outside the area? If you don’t can you recommend any others near me? I have searched the internet but have only come across the WI website and they don’t give much a way in terms of what they do.

My business is called Squirrel & Tiffin ( so you can see what type of things I make.
Linzi x

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Hiya Linzi - yes you’re very welcome to join us! Our next meeting is tomorrow evening, Tuesday 27th Jan, 7pm at Chethams School of Music, Manchester, we meet every 4th Tuesday and the dates are all on our website - we’d love to see you! If you’re interested in showing some of your work we could do it another time, it’s probably a bit short notice for tomorrow, for you? Shelly x

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Hello Shelly,

Oooh if I can make tomorrow I definitely will do, if not I will get the date for the next one and come down then if thats ok?
A friend of mine just told me about the one near where I live in Poulton but she said everyone is older than her and she is in her 50’s. I was hoping to find a younger group such as yours with similar interests so I may give that one a miss and come to see you!

Thank you for the invite I will either see you tomorrow or in another four Tuesdays!
Linzi x

Linzi - we do have a space for a stall tonight if you can make it - give me a call on 07720671226 if you can make it! xx

@hullabobbinboo, Yes I am coming… I will call you now! Thanks x


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to @hullabobbinboo for inviting me to the Manchester WI last night. I had such a great time and I am so happt to be apart of a community as strong as yours.

Also so lovely to meet and connect with @helloiamHayley who has some awesome illustrations/painting/drawing of animals. I will be putting my Squirrel on my studio wall tomorrow and I will send you a photo.

If anyone else reads this and needs encouraging to get involved all I can say is YOU HAVE TO JOIN! Its fab!
Look here -

Hope you have all had a nice day in the windy North!
Thanks again,
Linzi x

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Thank you Linzi so glad you could make it and you had a good time!

It was lovely to meet you both and I really hope to see you both again :slight_smile:

I’ve added links to your websites to our Friends of Manchester WI page, hope that’s ok?

Shelly xx


Thanks so much @hullabobbinboo ! Really appreciate the help and support. Can’t wait for the next meeting. xx

Thanks again Shelly! Had a great night, you really are a fab bunch,

Was lovely to meet you too Linzi.

Just about getting settled now the husband has flown away!

Good luck for the next meeting Linzi, sorry I cant be there to be your mustard twin! x

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