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Brand new 'Spirituality & Religion' Section on Folksy - help us fill it up!

There is a section called Spiritual Jewellery. Is it a new addition?
I had to put a pendulum in Chakra Jewellery as it wouldn’t fit anywhere else xx

We do have a section for Spiritual Jewellery - - can this encompass what you’re interested in?

We included a chakra jewellery category because that was a popular search on Google and there were quite a lot of items that fitted into it. We’re always open to suggestions for new sections though!

Prosperity spell bottle necklace.

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Hello all, :blush: new to this forum!
Just wanted to add a little Earth Elemental aceo, will be adding more soon x

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Angel…an 18" x 14" abstract acrylic painting

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Hello again :blush: I wanted to add my remaining Elemental aceo’s, so here they are…

Thanks for looking x

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share, that I have just received my first sale, which happened to be in this new section.
I don’t need to tell you that I am so grateful and wish everyone many happy sales.

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This is a great theme and I think my mantra postcards would fit nicely!

Just a reminder that, rather than just linking to your items here, you can list them directly in the section on Folksy!

A bumper bargain pack of fifteen prayer flag brooches!

Beach combing find, with cross.

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So happy this new section has been added x just recategorised this pendant and will likely add more x

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Archangel Raphael Stained Glass Suncatcher

This gorgeous angel is made from iridescent green glass with wispy wings and a halo of textured iridescent rainbow glass. Attuned and dedicated with Reiki energy for your protection and positive vibes.

Measures approx 10 inches by 7 inches. Hangs from a slim chain.

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Meditation picture - prints and cards


I have a few window charms available.