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What categories/sub-categories would you like to see on Folksy?

(Camilla) #1

Hello! We’ve just added three new categories on Folksy: Embroidery Hoop Art, Collage and Handmade Pens. Are there any other categories you would like to see on Folksy? Is there anything you make something that you currently aren’t sure where to list on Folksy?

Let us know in this thread which new categories you think would be useful for customers.

(Jacqueline Talbot) #2

I’d like decorative tiles included under Homeware if possible :grinning:

(Sue) #3

Oooh, I need to make some embroidery hoops :rofl:
There is a lot of free machine embroidery on here, not just in my work, a sub-category for that under textile art would be lovely.

(Sarah Thexton) #4

Could we have a books category please? (And if poss maybe a sub section off that for children?)

(RHeggs) #5

“Batik” as a sub-category of drawing and illustration would be useful for me.

(Karen Ellam) #6

It would be lovely to have a Stud Earrings or Studs sub category in the earrings section.
It’s a really popular style of earring yet it’s not listed as a choice.

(Sue Allen) #7

and clip-on earrings as sub catagory as well please

(Ana L Gatlish Harrison) #8

I would really appreciate ‘Cufflinks’ as a catergorie. Pretty please.

(Susan Frankel) #9

Dog ( and cat ) bowls please!
It has always seemed strange to me that you have dog leads, beds, toys etc but not bowls

(Amberlilly) #10

Dog coats or dog clothes

(Quillextra) #11

Quilled cards
Quilled Art
Paper Sculpture

(Sasha Garrett) #12

Hi Ana @GatlaceJewellery cufflinks are under ‘accessories’ rather than ‘jewellery’

(Sasha Garrett) #13

I’d like the ability to list an item in 2 categories so we could list something in both eg ‘clothing’ - ‘accessories’ - ‘cufflinks’ and also ‘jewellery’ - ‘gent’s jewellery’ - ‘cufflinks’. (BTW I’d like to see a sub category of ‘gent’s jewellery’ which cufflinks, tie pins, signet rings etc could be filed under)

(HeidiMeier) #14

Fantastic - thanks @folksycontent.

I’d like, under Textile art:

  1. Hand embroidery - as this is a very niche skill and therefore should hopefully attract some detailed searches. We could also include hand embroidered cards in this section, as many people may not be aware that you can get cards that are hand embroidered, and such cards are often framed after use.

  2. Free motion embroidery (seconding @SueTrevor) - this category could have lots of different styles of work that use this quite specific medium

  3. Applique artwork - for some products this might overlap with free motion embroidery on occasions but we’d have the ability to present some very distinct styles of textile to a very clear audience. I always think of applique artwork being more figurative or ‘folksy’ in nature (by folksy I mean the style) whilst free motion embroidery can be something quite abstract.

I also second @SashaGarrett - could we have the ability to list in more than one category, just as we can add one product to more than one shop category. It would help us where our products fit many categories as it’s hard to guess where exactly a potential customer might look.


(HeidiMeier) #15

As a shopper, I’d like to see a category ‘Age cards’ in the Cards category, and maybe ‘Humorous’ as a sub category under Birthday.

(HeidiMeier) #16

Oh, and of course ‘Textile cards’ under the Cards category, and maybe Handcrafted (to mean hand assembled and not merely printed). :slight_smile:

(Camilla) #17

These are all really useful suggestions. Thank you! We’ll look through them all and see how many items there are on Folksy which would fit the categories and then prioritise them based on that and the most popular searches.

To start with we’ve just added a new Men’s Jewellery category, so you can start filling that one up. We’ve created a new cufflinks section in there and we’re hopefully then going to merge the old cufflinks category (which is under Accessories) with that @SashaGarrett @GatlaceJewellery.

Keep them coming because it really helps us know what you need!

(Claire Mead) #18

pocket tissue holders and also Lavender bags could do with a section x

(Claire Mead) #19

yes this would be handy.


Yes please, hand embroidery/cross stitch cards for keepsakes!