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I really am a technophobe & I don’t really understand how social media works - though I understand if I use it right hopefully it can help. I’ve had a face book page for quite sometime but get disillusioned with how it works. I recently started Instagram, and last week Pinterest & have today made my first Tweet. I am truly being dragged kicking and screaming into this new techno world - I hope it is ready for me!


Hi Ruth,
That’s exactly how I felt when I began on social media, I’ve just copied what everyone else appears to do, still not sure of how it all really works but I keep bumbling along. Also I’ve found and followed you on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

On Tuesday evening’s at 8pm there’s #Folksyhour (if you haven’t discovered it already) where you can meet and chat with other Folksy Shop owners and find some really useful information to help you with your shop.

Hope that’s of help, Tina :slight_smile:

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Still bumbling along 3 years later! Can just about manage FB and pinterest but twitter still baffles me!


Ditto as per @OrchardFelts and @DaisyWings!!

I think you need to get your head around what exactly you want to use each for, as they each have potentially a different audience but can act as part of your overall ‘branding’.

So I use Instagram and interest for my portfolio, FB more for chat and works in progress and twitter for those days where I feel I have some time to look at it properly (which is usually about once a year lol).

Not sure how positively it helps direct sales but mine has helped me get things like exhibitions and workshops so I stick with it!! :slight_smile:

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Must admit Twitter is my least favourite social media platform, I’m OK with tweeting stuff and ‘one off’ tweets but find it so difficult to follow a ‘tweet conversation’ things seem to appear in random order and not always with the original tweet :confused:

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I think twitter works if you are someone who uses their mobile phone as part of their daily lives. I don’t, to me its just something I look at very occasionally, which is why it doesn’t work for me. Even instagram is supposed to be phone only, but I use a workaround from my desktop… :grin:

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Hi Ruth, Same here. I really don’t like Facebook and don’t have a twitter account. But since joining Instagram in January as a new year’s resolution, I have become quite addicted to it. I have started following you on Instagram!
I find Pinterest very useful as well for getting new ideas. Claire :slight_smile:

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Hi Ruth, I think we’re all just fumbling about really! I use them all (time permitting!) but right now Instagram is my favourite - I’ve started following you over there. Your jewellery is lovely, by the way! :smiley:


Tina @DaisyWings Thank you will try & join in the Folksy Twitter tonight.

Thanks everyone for your replies & words (& actions) of support. Its a comfort to know I’m not the only one. But on a positive note I am going to crack this social media if its that last thing I do! :smiling_imp: