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What's your favourite social media?

(Ali Joyce) #1

Hi Everyone
I was just wondering which is your favourite social media option. I really like Twitter, don’t do Facebook at all (either personally or as a business), enjoy pinning and am dipping my toe into Instagram (not sure whether to stay though, the search keeps coming up with p*rn sites :speak_no_evil:).
How about you?

(JollySmall) #2

I don’t do twitter and struggle with facebook but I really like Instagram as it’s so easy (haven’t had any experience of the issue mentioned by Ali, thank goodness). I think I need to explore pinterest next

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(Ali Joyce) #3

Yes, it’s just started this morning. I must admit I was a bit surprised!!!

(Sue) #4

Instagram for me :blush: it’s a great way to store personal memories through photos :purple_heart:

(Rhiannon Rose) #5

I loathe them all equally!

(Stephanie Guy) #6

I love facebook because you can target your work in specific areas - I share a lot of my dolls house paintings in dolls house groups.

I detest twitter but do try to use it as I know it is a powerful tool.

Instagram is fun, I put a few personal pics on there as well as art stuff.

Pinterst I use mainly for personal ideas, I keep forgetting to include my own work in amongst my boards.

I have tumblr but rarely use it, once every couple of months when I remember!

(Susannah Ayre) #7

Instagram is my fave for all sorts. I’ve never had any problems with it and love how supportive the community is on there.

I use Pinterest but not really for my art work- I just enjoy it.

Facebook I use- but I wouldn’t say it’s something I particularly like.

Twitter I go through phases with- sometimes I really like it but most of the time it actually bores me. It’s got more boring the more followers I’ve got to be honest.

Tumblr- not really big on that. It’s ok every now and then- I should probably use it more.

I don’t use any others…but Instagram definitely wins. I’ve made a lot more sales through Facebook - but also made some through Twitter and Instagram- but I just like Instagram for my own personal reasons- my page isn’t just all about my artwork either. It’s just about all sorts- places I’ve been, my allotment, things I like- whatever really. :slight_smile: and it’s super easy to use!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

I don’t do intsagram as you can’t do it from you laptop and there are far too many wannabee trolls on there.

Faebook isn’t my favourite either as it doesn’t really show my post to all my followers.

I don’t like twitter.

I enjoy using pinterest and it’s just so easy the same with Google+ it’s so so easy and I have a much bigger following over there and been on there the shortest time.

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(Susan Bonnar) #9

British Crafters has had the biggest increase in sales on Instagram since January. Twitter definitely gets people into the shop front! The other platforms are pretty static - FB slightly down on less year but I think Ig is a really good visual way to interact with people and also get genuine feedback.

I also use Ig as Dottie Designs but it’s more personal & linked with Slimming World. I have made proper “Christmas card sending” friends on there and am meeting up with some fellow runners I met on Ig to do a race later this year!

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(Liz Clark) #10

Personally it would be Pinterest as a way to collate fab ideas.

For business I use FB the most, it’s where I started. Instagram is great if you also have fab photos to share. Twitter, well you can’t beat #folkyshour on a Tues eve 8-9pm. It’s always a laugh!

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(Charlotte Green) #11

I use facebook, as its good to have it, but find the reach is getting less and less, its really hard to keep on top of it without having to spend money on advertising…although I have read if you add videos it helps your reach go further…
Instagram, as I make Jewellery is pretty good. I don’t have many followers though, but it does seem to reach people…
Twitter, you generally do because its good to have it but Im rubbish with it!! :slight_smile:

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(Tina Martin) #12

I like Twitter (and yes folksyhour is good fun!), I’ve just started on Instagram and really enjoy it, even though I’m still finding my way round. Think I’m more of a picture person rather than words.
Mind you I feel like I’m still finding my way around all social media, the more I learn the more there is to learn. :slight_smile:
I’m on FB, which it ok, and I like Pinterest but I don’t really ‘get it’ for business, think I’m missing the trick on there, all though I love making boards for my own personal satisfaction, but it could really take up lots of time if you let it.

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(Julie Maginn) #13

For business use it would be Facebook, I actually really enjoy using it, but I have fallen in love with Instagram which is a very close second (thanks to @curiousseagull for convincing me to try it!! :smile:)

Pintrest I just love though. I could disappear for days in there!! I don’t especially use it for business just to collect ideas and images but I do put all my work on there. If people see it or don’t doesn’t really bother me.

I can honestly say I hate twitter!! I use it for Folksy hour and Craft hour which is fine but outside of that I don’t use it much. If I was going to ditch one, that would be it!!

(Susannah Ayre) #14

I do the same with Pinterest…I was using it well before I started selling online though so I think the habit has been too hard to break- the habit of just mooching around and looking at things I like that is! It’s like a little escape from all my usual online stuff.

Sorry for the Instagram thing. Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fizz Tapsell) #15

I use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I love being able to show photographs of my work and work in progress and find these social media platforms the easiest for showing pictures. Pinterest was a massive help for my uni projects and allowed me to look at so much in a short space of time.
I have tried to use twitter several times but I just have no idea whats going on.

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(Hook A Woolly) #16

Instagram is the best thing for me, lovely community as well as showcase potential. Twitter is a waste of time for me, Facebook is hard work.

(Charlotte Green) #17

I actually find this thread really interesting as I always thought it was just me going stir crazy! Maybe we could all use it to give each other ideas on how you use your social media. What methods are best, etc etc?
The pinterest thing is a really good point as well…Im always told I need to be more proactive on pinterest but I also, just don’t get it for businesses?

(Ali Joyce) #18

No it’s not just you! I think Pinterest is really beautiful but don’t tend to follow anyone new or pay any attention to who is following me. I’ve concentrated on Twitter because I’ve got the hang of it (you need lists though or it becomes very over whelming). I find that Instagram seems a bit repetitive (I’ve seen multiple arty pictures of blossom and not a massive amount else - the rude pictures have stopped now though which is a relief!!!)
Ali x

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(Charlotte Green) #19

I seem to get more of a response to people looking at my work on instagram, I try to post at least one picture everyday. I do know what you mean about the dodgey pictures, when I first went on I got the shock of my life when I used the hashtag pretty!!! Its also good to note, that on instagram, I was told certain styles of photographs grow trends…So I was told to take simple white photos as minimalist can be very popular.
Like I said in a previous post, facebook seems to have more impact if you do videos.

(Ali Joyce) #20

I’m glad it’s not just me, I was beginning to wonder what I’d done!! I’ll investigate trends a little more and try to persevere.