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Twitter and advertizing

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #1

Here is the big question does social media like twitter work?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Lets just say they all help to a certain degree. Some work better than others and whichever ones you find the best to work with is a personal thing

I prefer google plus and pinterest but I also use twitter and facebook. I personally don’t like twitter I find it a pain but others love it and find it great to use and brings them a lot of traffic.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I don’t use twitter but have got some commissions via facebook. I’ve only just started on pinterest so we’ll have to see how that goes but when other people have pinned my work in the past it has lead to spikes in views (but no sales).
I suggest trying them out and seeing which one works for you.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #4

I know ive had 1 sale due to Twitter, and Ive been on Twitter for years. I don think people like being bombarded with links all the time(which is kinda what I do seeing as theres a twitter button on each page) I try to add other tweets so people can see Im human but doesnt seem to work for sales.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

I only use pinterest and craft juice. (or is it juice craft can never remember)

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. But I still get loads of views. And sales.
But then I also go on another of threads on here were we promote each other

(Ali Millard) #6

Yes, social media definitely works for me.
I’ve had enquiries about my products on twitter, instagram and Facebook and these have all resulted in sales.
I also get other enquiries on my social media pages, such as enquiries from journalists and shops wanting to stock my items.
Social media is also a great way for customers to get in touch. I’ve had many customers who have left feedback and sent me photo’s of their orders on twitter, instagram and Facebook.
I use Pinterest too, I have no evidence that sales have resulted from it, but I do get people re pinning my products every day, as it’s free, I can see no harm in joining in.
One more thing which I think social media is fantastic for, is to network with others. In fact I have met so many people in real life who I first met on twitter, who I now consider to be good friends.
I’m a big big fan of social media.