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Twitter or Facebook?

I have been on FB for years and watched it gradually become less effective for my business. I have just joined Twitter and love it. (Though not sure if its converting to sales as my followers are few!) Would love to know what you have found to work for you? (or is it something else?)

Hi Emma I have been using facebook for years too. I have found its impact slowly diminishing. Mostly because anything you now post to your timeline about 2% of your followers see it in their stream. To get more interaction and followers means spending more money on facebook advertising.

I find twitter less of a selling platform than facebook. People love to follow celebs there and perhaps follow some big brands they love such as Apple for example.

It is becoming harder to build customer loyalty by using social platforms unless you have the money and a full team of staff to work on it full time.

In saying all that I still believe having social media accounts is a must but should not be relied on for lead generation or sales. It should be used as part of a fuller strategy.

Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

I think that all sounds spot on. I have stopped using FB so much as there is little joy as interaction decreased but I am liking Twitter. I think it definately make sense to concentrate on the one that suits you as a person

Have to agree with you there. If there is one platform that you enjoy and works then stick with it. There is enough to worry about without having to add 3 or 4 other platforms into the mix to maintain.

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I have been able to generate sales through all the social media platforms I use, but to be honest I’m now preferring Instagram.
I think you’re right with Twitter- great if you’re already well known- otherwise requires a lot of work and much harder to find your customers I think.
Facebook I do still quite like. I guess in a way it kind of almost acts as a blog. I do still use it, but that’s mainly because now I think if I stop, and people stumble across me they may think I’m no longer making. Though- I find when I post videos I get much more views than when I post photos, otherwise it’s just hit and miss with what get’s decent likes etc.
Not sure if it’s because of how I use Intagram that I’m finding it better- but unlike facebook say- Instagram for me isn’t just my artwork- it’s me. Everything from my allotment to random walks I go on to my bunny. So maybe the mixture there has helped? Don’t know to be honest. I like how Instagram looks though & I like how mega easy it is to use. I find it much more sociable than facebook & Twitter.

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My Facebook page has never done very much for me but people expect a Facebook page so I ensure that I keep it up to date. What does work for me on Facebook is interacting in Facebook groups relevant to what I make and sell, it is more active than relying on my page.
Twitter is great for getting your message out there and although it can be a bit hit and miss I do get more traffic via Twitter. At the moment I am looking at how I can use Twitter lists more effectively. I have created a lists for different followers. I am very passionate about supporting local businesses so I have a list for that. It allows me to see only those followers that are local businesses in my area and I can interact with them much more. I now have list called Folksy community. This list is for Folksy sellers, again it means that I can increase my interaction with specific Twitter followers rather than just tweeting I’ve listed this, I’ve listed this.
I love social media and my top tip to anyone using social media to promote their business is put yourself in the position of the customer. What types of posts and tweets do you like, share and comment on. Those are the types of posts and tweets that you need to be using.

I haven’t explored lists yet but they sound great as I also use twitter to support local crafters, local events etc Great advice about thinking like a customer too thanks x

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You can subscribe to other Twitter users public lists if you want to take a look at my Folksy Community list @clarkiedesigns. Save some of the leg work.
I tweeted during #CraftHour last Sunday night, that was great for meeting fellow crafters and getting views of my Folksy shop.

My favourite is Instagram. I don’t like Facebook and twitter is just…well, nothing, it does nothing for me. I think we all have our favourite though, its whatever works for you.:grinning:

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