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Brown paper bands around greeting cards enquiry

(Lisa Victoria McLoughlin) #1

Hi, my name is Lisa.

I could be in the wrong place as new here, so I do apologise if I am. I am currently designing greetings cards and will be joining Folksy to sell them. I am excited about joining this community.

My question is around the lovely yet simple paper bands I see people packaging their grouped cards in. Do you know where I may purchase them and have something printed on them? Would it be my printer? I am waiting further information from them, but thought I would ask here too.

Thank you very much.


(Sasha Garrett) #2

Welcome to folksy, I look forward to seeing your cards.
Just a thought but how about getting a rubber stamp from one of the makers on folksy? You could commission one of those with your desired logo and then you can stamp it in any colour on any paper/ card that takes your fancy. You can then cut the bands from any paper in any size, stamp it with your logo, wrap around the cards and then tape shut with a sticky label or washi tape (you could use different coloured stickies or paper bands for different prices if you are selling at craft fairs, stickies and papers are available from Rymans/ Staples/ amazon). You could also use the stamp to customise paper bags that you put cards in if you are selling them at craft fairs to bring all your branding together.
Hopefully that is a useful suggestion as it doesn’t actually answer your question.

(Plantmoretrees) #3

Oh my Sasha! So helpful and I love the idea of the stamp and making the bands with washi tape etc… Oh it really does answer my question and more!!

It is lovely to be here and meet you. I will be deleting my account and re-starting as i noticed I must have joined a year or so back and not continued. I don’t like the name ‘Lightly Lisa’ at all and not sure what I was thinking!!!

Lisa xx

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Glad to be of assistance, when I needed something unusual printing I got my uncle with his old victorian printing press to do it for me which as an answer would be of no use to you as I got special niece treatment and he doesn’t normally do that sort of thing.
There is a forum thread about changing your shop name url/ account name, I think you can just email support and ask them nicely and they will do it for you.

(Lisa Victoria McLoughlin) #5

I will do that Sasha thank you… I love the sound of your Uncles printing press :wink: