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Bulk Load?

Is there a means of bulk-loading items into my Folksy store, specifically the text? Ideally any new items would be created as ‘Hidden’ so I can manually edit each one and add the photos.

This would save a lot of time

They are/ were offering a bulk transfer service from Etsy for people who were defecting so it might be worth emailing admin to find out if they can help you out if they items are listed elsewhere. (I think that works by you down loading a csv file which they can then upload to your drafts here)
If the items are brand new not listed anywhere else then the copy function is probably the best they can do for you. (Use the copy button on an existing listing, change the title and then hit ‘preview’ which saves it to the draft folder so you can go back and change anything that needs it)

Thanks Sasha - I wasn’t aware of the transfer from Etsy. Uploading a csv file is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll drop a mail to the Admins.

I do use the copy when the items are similar, but when they are different significantly it is easy to miss an edit and look like an idiot.

Been there, done that, stopped using the copy function as a result. I’m sure admin can help you out.

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