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Problems with editing copied listings

Hi Folks,

I am having some problems.

When I copy a listing and want to edit it I am having extreme difficulty.

-replacing photos is a nightmare.
-changing descriptions and prices are a nightmare.

I am at my wits end with this issue. I have work on other sites and don’t have these issues! Does anyone have the same problem?

Does anyone know how to sort this issue?

Help would be appreciared

Alison :slight_smile:

Issues with uploading photos is normally to do with the photo server being overloaded and so waiting a few hours and then trying again often solves the problem. I’ve never had (nor heard of anyone else having) any issues changing the contents of any of the text boxes - you are probably best off emailing with the details as you may have discovered that a different server needs rebooting.
(I’ve just tried editing a draft listing I’m working on and uploaded photos and changed the description text without issue so it might be worth trying again)

I haven’t had any problems with copying and editing listings…I did a few this week as I’m adding some Christmas decorations similar to last years so was doing this exact thing with some previously expired listings.

I’ve listed a lot of stuff in the past week and had no issues. Occasionally there will be problems with listing on here, but it’s very rare. I just try again a few hours later if things aren’t working well :slight_smile:

When I first joined Folksy, about 2012, I think, the photos would take about 20 minutes to upload for each listing - now that was frustrating!

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I tend not to copy listings as I read that you can’t get favourites on copied items and it can affect views on search engines.
I tend to list an item then open a separate tab to list a new item and copy and paste over the information changing words and phrases to suit the next item.


That sounds like a really good idea. I will try it out.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for replying. I don’t know why I have problems with listing on Folksy yet no issues at all with other sites.

Not to worry