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I was wondering if people by ribbons, buttons etc on Folksy or buy their supplies from a well known auction site or the dark side?

I want to list lots more stock, but having researched other sellers like myself, I can only see one seller that has made substantial sales.

I love Folksy and my little shop, and I’m prepared to put in a lot of hours to make it work, but don’t want my time to have been wasted.

Natasha x

(Christine Shephard) #2

I tend to buy ribbons from my local craft shop, as they have a good selection and it’s nice to be able to support them when I can. I have bought supplies online, but usually only things I can’t buy locally or bulk purchases of things I use a lot of (interfacing etc). I’ve also bought some lovely handmade ceramic buttons and some special bits and pieces from Folksy shops, but not often.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping or who don’t have a local shop that sells haberdashery, I would imagine your supplies would be quite popular.

(Alison Mackenzie) #3

I occasionally buy ribbon from a certain auction site and if you are going compete, I think maybe you need to rethink the price of the item versus price of postage. People don’t see value in postage costs and many people who would buy your ribbon will also be Folksy sellers and therefore have an idea how much postage costs.
For example, if I were to buy a small quantity of your ribbons, on average, I know that it would cost 95p as a first class large letter to post, but I’m being charged £1.50 postage. So unless money is no object, you feel that you are being overcharged and may go elsewhere. I don’t mean this to sound critical, it’s just the way shopper’s minds work. It might be better to add a bit to each item and reduce the postage costs (perhaps sell 2 metres at a time instead of 1 to make a bit extra on each sale)?

Your ribbons and buttons are gorgeous by the way. :smiley:

(Christine Shephard) #4

I think the flat rate postage of £1.50 per order is a great idea, and not at all expensive when you can order as much as you like!

One thing I did notice - the reindeer ribbon is listed as 4 metres for £2.50, which is a good price, but the title on the listing doesn’t mention the 4 metres, so I would assume the price is per metre if I was just looking quickly. It might be worth adding the actual amount in the titles as well as highlighting it in the descriptions…or have a consistent length for all ribbons, and make it very clear.

Searching for supplies on here is also a bit of a challenge. I recall searching for something ages ago and giving up because there was no way to filter the results and I was trawling through hundreds of listings! It may have improved since, but I would think that tags and keywords are really important for supplies.


Thank you Christine, I thought ribbon supplies would be popular, they are on the dark side. As with showing how many metres in the title, thank you for pointing that out.

Thank you Alison, not critical at all. I value your opinion. Yes, postage is another area I may have to re-think.

Natasha x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I’ve bought some crafting supplies on Folksy mainly paper crafting bits and bobs.

I tend to buy my ribbons and lace in bulk orders via the auction site and from my local haberdashery, however if I need something I can’t get get quickly from my shop in town I do look on Folksy for it. I also sell some crafting supplies myself many buttons, lace and ribbon in fact I have loads to list.

(IridescentSnail) #7

I buy ribbons from ordinary craft shops (y’know, support local and that malarkey yadadada) but if I see any gorgeous ribbons online, I’d definitely order some to decorate my boxes. Like another user said though, if I see a ribbon online that I won’t usually find in a craft shop, then I’d go for it.

(bluebellwoodturning) #8

Hi Natasha
I have favourited your lovely shop so that my wife can have a look she makes all my Pin Cushion inserts for me and loves all things ribbon, buttons etc.



Thank you Mel that is very kind of you. Your shop is gorgeous btw, will have to take a look at your pin cushions, they are beautiful.

(bluebellwoodturning) #10

Thank you they have been popular all the best for the future

( Carol ) #11

Most of the time I buy wholesale but if I’m looking for one particular colour ribbon or certain buttons I browse Folksy before going off elsewhere.

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(Julie Maginn) #12

Hi Natasha, I have been watching your shop for some time and love it! I get through a lot of ribbon, I mostly use 10mm plain organza and polka dot organza in all manor of colours. What I buy comes on 7 meter rolls for which I pay £1.80 a roll. I have a full time craft business and sell quite literally hundreds of clocks a year (though not on Folksy sadly!) each of which comes in a hand made gift box with ribbon. I also use ribbon as packaging for candles and many other items. If you are going to stock this type of ribbon and at a similar price I would be interested. I hadn’t actually twigged you do one flat rate for shipping! The other thing I use a lot of is metallic thread mainly gold and silver but am always on the look out for other colours. I have no shops anywhere near me that sell ribbon of any description so I only buy on line. If you had this type of ribbon at a similar price I would be happy to buy from you. :grinning:


@Dew Drop Crafts, thank you for your kind words regarding my shop. I will be adding lots of new ribbons over the next week, including the ribbons you have mentioned. A rough guide would be 20 metres for £3.50. Please let me know if there are any other ribbons that you would like, I would be happy to try and source them for you.

(Julie Maginn) #14

I’ll be watching out. You are on my favourites so I’ll see what you add. Price looks good to me!! I hope you do well. x

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #15

I use a lot of ribbon too… . and also like organza… it has so many uses. I use it for packaging a lot as I think it’s a fairly simple way to make something look special.

I also sew with it so am always on the look out for interesting braids… crocheted type of lace braids I always find difficult to get.

I don’t have any haberdashery type shops near to me so I rely on finding things on line and therefore tend to buy in larger amounts when I find something I like. I don’t find it easy to search for supplies on Folksy so I’m about to favourite and bookmark you for the future.

I really like the presentation of your shop. Very nicely displayed.


Thank you @JuliaYorkDesigns. I will see if I can source the type of ribbons you mentioned. I will be listing organza ribbon over the next week.

(Julie Maginn) #17

I agree with @JuliaYorkDesigns . I find looking for supplies on Folksy a bit of a trauma and I was just having a random look at other ribbon sellers and spotted something that would make it easier on your shop as you add more. In the shop sections make your headings more specific. So have organza and the widths not just organza. I was looking at another shop which under organza had 5 pages of stock and all the different widths muddled in together. If I could click on a heading that said 10mm plain organza and then had all the colours that would be easier for me!! It may mean you end up with a lot of shop collections but that is easier to narrow it down than trawling through pages afterwards!! Just a thought. Also you are spot on with your product photography. Your photos are very clean and bright and appealing and are what attracted me to your shop in the first place. Some others are very dark and don’t really show the colours off well. So I think you are on to a winner there!!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

This thread has encouraged me to start putting more of my ribbons and lace into my shop. :slight_smile:


I agree @DewDropCrafts regarding sections, I was thinking the same myself. When my shop has more stock, I will re-organise the sections. I have just ordered lots more ribbon today, so will be listing over the next week. Thank you for your comments on my photography, it has taken me along time to get to this stage, still not perfect but getting there!

(Natalie Franca) #20

I think your photos look fantastic! @TheRibbonRetreat