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Buyer/address/item info from paypal to integrated A4 label/invoice

Thinking of using these

to print label and receipt in one go using the paypal information. There seems to be a thing in PP if you subscribe to their royal mail scheme but I’m not using that. The zookeeper has provided a word template for where the label is on the page and I want to construct a bespoke document.

Has anyone else here attempted similar?

How do you do your receipts and parcel labels?

Thank you.

I just print out the Folksy receipt and write the labels by hand. Sometimes, if the addresses are a bit long, I print them out on labels/paper, but mostly find hand-written works well enough.

I use Word and write their address, copied and pasted from their order and then also my return address with my logo.


This is what I also do Liz @BigBirdLittleBird as then the customers gets my branding ie logo and not paypals or folksys.

Mines a template in word and I simply do a Save as from an old template change old buyers infor to the new buyers and the description of the item sold.

Then at the bottom I can add any washing instructions and a hand written ‘thank you’ and sign it.

I also hand write customers address and my return address on the package.

Hi Thank you all for sharing your methods. I too prefer the own logo style of receipt. I’ve arranged the doc around the label zone and I’ll cut and paste for now.

Yes I must do that too if I list in the bathrooms category!! :smiley:
[my post yesterday]

I print out the receipt from folksy and pop that inside the parcel, then I copy and paste the customers address and print out an address label using my little brother QL-570 printer.