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Calamity! I can't bake my clay!

Doodled some new ideas, Got the Sculpey ready and rolled, wire forms twisted…Only We have no gas to the kitchen and utility room at the minute so no baking for me.

It puts a dampener on my new pieces at the moment.

Don’t know why I forgot since I have been using a microwave, toaster and a George Forman for the last few days!

Has anyone else had one of those moments where your creativity has to stop?

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Yes, every day when I have to go to work at the job that pays the mortgage!! :cry:

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Oh no @ChompStomp :hushed: I hope you manage to bake your creations soon.

I feel exactly the same Helen @PocketfulCreations
I wish I could create things all day long without the day job getting in the way.

Karen x

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Tell me its a pig in a cat suit awaiting baking…
The only thing that gets in the way of my making are those days when I have to go and sell it or when there is so much stuff waiting to be put away (one beaded necklace can involve getting 20 bags of beads out obviously) that I can’t find my desk.

Luckily or unluckily (depending on how I feel) I have a ‘job’ as well. Everyday the aim is to have my exciting hours reduce reliance on boring hours.

Whatever I do next week will pay for the gas man

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I was going to make a start! :grin::joy:

My husband often remarks that I never do stop - I’m fortunate in that I can often take pieces of my work to do everywhere I go. I’ve been to Exeter today and I knitted all the way there and all the way back. I hasten to add that my husband was doing the driving! I had an order to finish and I wanted to get it done.
I can often be seen embroidering mice dresses on the train and I’ve even sat in an art gallery and on the beach knitting and sewing. I think I’m slightly obsessed and probably a little bit crazy but I love it. :blush:
Unfortunately, you probably can’t take your clay on a train or to the beach or an art gallery. They might not like the mess. :wink: