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Calling artists/makers

(Josie Beszant) #1

Applications are open for Crafted By Hand and the deadline is very soon - July 14th!
Crafted By Hand is an event where you can find fresh, contemporary, quirky art, craft and design that’s being chosen for its quality & originality. No made-it-from-a-craft-kit assembly jobs, no peach coloured crocheted toilet roll holders. Located in the Yorkshire Dales Market Town of Masham.

Can you knock our socks off with your amazing talent and creativity?Take a look at our website for more details…

(Leathermeister) #2

I would like to know a bit more but can’t get on your web site. Can you check your link and I’ll have a look.

Thanks Hazel

(Josie Beszant) #3

Hi Hazel,
thanks for your interest in the event. I have just copied and pasted that link and it worked for me, I’m sorry if you’ve had problems. If you can’t get it to work for some reason and want to know a bit more please do feel free to give me a ring at Masham Gallery on 01765 689554. Many thanks and all the best, Josie