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Can I offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount?

I’m sure this question has been asked a zillion times, but I’d like to offer free delivery to customers spending £15 and over in my shop. After doing a bit of research there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing this but I just wanted to check with more experienced shop owners - I’m new to Folksy so haven’t quite worked it all out yet!

Good question. I would love to be able to do that. I don’t know of a way though.

There is a Discount Code option on your Dashboard settings, I’ve not used it myself so not certain if it would work in this way but might be worth investigating.

Hi Claire I’ll keep researching and let you know if I find any useful info : ) Cheryl

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You can offer free postage on any single item over £15 by setting postage to zero but if you want to offer it on purchases of multiple items I’m not sure there is a way. You could always put a message in your shop announcement that appears on every page that you will refund any postage on purchases over £15 and then just refund via paypal when necessary, which is easy enough to do.

Oh that’s a good idea, I’ll perhaps do that. Thank you : )

Hi, when I first started here I offered free delivery but as time went on I changed to charging, it didn’t affect my sales as far as I noticed. I supposed the easy way is to refund by paypal as others have said. You could put a note on your shop announcement saying delivery is free over a certain amount.

Ah yes I did look at the Discount Codes but I think they only enable you to offer customers a percentage discount off their purchase. I don’t think you can do a code that offers a percentage off if someone spends over a certain amount either, so they can’t really be used to offset postage : ( I could be wrong though.

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Hi Sarah thank you for this. I think I’ll look into the paypal option, I may trial it for a while and see what the response is from shoppers : )

Another way you could do it is set up some listings of multiple items, like pick any 5 soaps etc or combinations of your products.

Great idea, I think I’ll be doing that eventually as I’d like to do gift packs. I just need to find some way of presenting / packaging them that I’m happy with. So many things to consider!