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Customer offer/workaround

(Meadow Stitch Uk) #1

OK I know that Folksy are talking about codes and gift vouchers at the moment, but nothing has happened yet. So…

what are you doing in the meantime?

I’d love to give customers a special offer e.g. free postage or 10% off. Is it possible for customers to ‘buy’, but then before they ‘Pay’ to change the price for that particular customer?

Just a thought…

(Christine Shephard) #2

It’s easier just to refund the discount/postage immediately.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Or you could ask them which item the wanted edit that listing to say special listing for … with the discounted price. When you’ve done that send your customer the link

( Carol ) #4

The problem with refunding is you will still pay the fees. Paypal fees are refunded but I don’t think Folksy fees are.

If you sell something for £10 but refund £2 (your discount) I believe Folksy will still take fees on a £10 sale.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Your are right Knittingtopia but if you refund postage folksy don’t take fee’s from that bit however paypal still do as they take from the whole amount plus they charge you a fee for returns as well.

(Meadow Stitch Uk) #6

Could you reduce postage to 1p for a limited time maybe?

Also there is one point at which the customer commits to buy then taken to a Paypal screen to pay. At that point (before they go to the PayPal screen) would it be possible to send the customer an invoice with the adjusted amount on (whether that is a discount or free postage)?

Would that work instead of refunding?

(Stephanie Pearce) #7

Put your postage at 0.00 for UK addresses and advertise the item with free postage?

I know it says ‘required’ next to the postage box on the edit screen but its just let me change and update one item with postage set at 0.00.

(Meadow Stitch Uk) #8

Brilliant! I’ll give it a go.