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Can I print my shop?

Is there a way I can print out my shop? I’d like to print it as customer’s see it, not like the dashboard. I’ve spent a lazy Sunday morning playing around with all sorts of ideas, but I can’t seem to get my ‘shop’ on the pages of a printout. Any suggestions would be great, thanks

Just do a screen shot.

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Hi Martine, that’s one of the things I was doing this morning. Trouble is it takes 5 A4 pages of screen shots per 1 page of my shop and I have nearly 4 pages of that, which made a whole load of work. I was wondering if there was a more economical way, maybe someone tweeked something and managed it.

Not sure if this is exactly what you want but… if you click on the “Your shop” and then scroll down and click on “View your shop” you’ll see your shop as customers see it. You can then print it out as you would any document. You could even copy and paste it into a Word document and then play around with sizing to reduce the number of A4 pages.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your original question!

Heather x

Again, not sure if I’m understanding what you need correctly, but if you’re on a PC you could hold down the Ctrl button and scroll the wheel on the mouse to make the screen smaller… you could then fit more onto one page when you print it out as a screenshot on fewer pages?