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Printing receipts from iPhone

Hello all. This may be a strange one but here goes… I have an iPhone and it’s from here that I print out my order receipt x2 - one for the customer and one for myself. Instead of printing two A4 sheets I’m trying to find an app where it gives me the choice to create ‘booklet’ style so I can have both on one sheet, print and cut in half. Saving paper, trees, and costs. Anyone out there solved this problem? My default app doesn’t give me the choice to do this. Any app recommendations? Or am I missing something very obvious? Many thanks. Robyn

Take a screen shot of the receipt, paste it into Pages, reduce the size, copy it and put them side by side. Only takes a second and is really quick and easy once you’ve done it a few times.

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Ooh I’m more interested in how you print from an iPhone. I have tried so many times to do this and failed :frowning:

You could do as Martine @MaisyMuffin suggests but maybe use a collage app to produce 2 images side by side - might be a bit quicker.

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Hello, I am not really sure how I do this either. I think it has to be set up from my computer first to link to my phone via bluetooth, hubby did this. So when I select to print the receipt from within Folksy on my folksy app it gives me the option to select a printer. That is all I can say on this I am afraid! hope this helps.

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Many thanks I will give it a go

All great advice thank you