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Can we see who is online

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

In the old forum, we could see who was currently browsing the forum, is this possible on the new forum?

I am very nosy I know lol but I like seeing whose on …


(Joy Salt) #2

I’d like this too xx

(Susan Bonnar) #3

Me 3 - nosey xx (why do the posts have to be 20 characters long?)

(Trevor Harvey) #4

Has to be the wimmin that want a nose… :wink:

(Sian ) #5

No, sorry. You just have to start chatting and hope that whoever is lurking will join in :wink:

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

OK … I need to not be so nosy anyway I guess lol

Thanks for the info Sian :smile:

(James Boardwell) #7

It would be good to know though. We’ll see how doable it is.

(Sian ) #8

There’s quite a long discussion on meta.discourse about it. It’s very unlikely.

(Nifty) #9

jut noticed you’re “treat captain” Sian. I’d like choklit cake please.

(Joy Salt) #10

As the system can obviously tell who has been in a topic and when a topic was last updated, it should be able to at least come up with a list of people who have posted in the last 30 minutes … maybe…

(Margaret Jackson) #11

I do find it a very useful feature to see who is online, as I can see at a glance whether anyone who is likely to talk to me is online :smiley:

(Sam Saffron) #12

We have a very long discussion on this at:

The too-long-don’t-read version of it is that we are not terribly fond of the feature but would be comfortable enough having it as a plugin.

(Stephanie Guy) #13

Very interesting discussion Sam, thanks for posting that link. It would seem that it’s useful for small friendly forums like ours? I certainly find the"who posted last" on each topic useful as it gives me an idea of who is around at the moment.

As for who is online. … I’m not so sure, I’m online all day but I’m not sat by the pc all day so am not actually active all day.

(Nifty) #14

I agree. I often think that about facebook. The tab is open at the top of my screen, but I’m not looking at it - so when facebook says to someone I’m following that 300 have seen this post, I probably didn’t.

(Nifty) #15

Sam there are two long sections of gibbetygook in your post on my screen. should I be seeing them as links?

(Sam Saffron) #16

Totally, we display that quite prominently in the lists, try hovering over the avatars on topic lists.

Not really, its a onebox. I simply pasted on a line by itself and Discourse did its magic.

This onebox could be a bit smarter though and should probably strip that.