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The new forum

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #1

I just can’t get into this new forum, it just don’t do it for me.


(Margaret Jackson) #2

That’s a shame, many people love it, and all the extra features the other didn’t have. Maybe you’ll get used to it the more you use it.

(Nifty) #3

I like the new features - i also REALLY like the way the promotions stay in showcase, so people who want them know where to look. What don’t you like, Paul? I got fed up with all the email notifications until I realised I could turn them off!

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I’ve just looked at your profile Paul and you’ve only made 9 posts in the new forum, not enough time to get to appreciate the advantages of it really. I’d be interested to hear what it is you don’t like.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #5

I really can’t put my finger on it but it just doesn’t draw me like the old one, It used to be the 3rd place i would go each day after email and GA, just to see what people are saying , but now I haven’t been bothering to come on and look,let alone comment, it might be me, you know old people and change.


(Brenda Cumming) #6

I agree with Margaret…she will be only to glad to tell you that I easily go into panic mode but she is quite right, once you have used it a few times it becomes automatic. A bit like driving really…when you start you think that you will never remember it all and then after a while you just get in the car and drive…
Please stick with it…I still get a bit muddled by it but it DOES get easier.

(Liz Dyson) #7

I was like you, Paul, I’m the last person in the world to embrace change and I thought I would give up, but after a while it does get easier and if I can do it (I’m a techno dinosaur), then anyone can, believe me.

Keep at it.


(Liz Dyson) #8

PS. I LOVE your boxes

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

I love the new forum :smiley:

It’s so much more user friendly once you have got the hang of it, but it does take making a few posts, liking a few posts, a bit of playing etc, if it’s not the format you;re used to. It terrified me for the first day! But I did intensive reading and posting, and it soon sunk in, into a middle aged brain like mine :smiley:

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #10

Thanks everybody for your encouragement, I must try harder. I suppose this is a start.


(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #11

Thankyou Liz

(Kraftygifts) #12

Talk Folksy is the first forum I have ever been on and really enjoying reading the posts and they have been really helpful. But as this is new to me I am not quite sure how to use it to its full, Is there any info I can read on Folksy to give me some help? Would love some advice


(Brenda Cumming) #13

Kay, just jump in on the threads and chat…it is one of the most friendly places to be. I have been on lots of chat forums in other places and some of it has been cold and unfriendly. On Folksy EVERYONE has always been helpful and if you have a problem, there is always someone to help you. Look at the list of threads…go and read some of them and then join in with the chat…

(Kraftygifts) #14

Thank you so much teabreaks, I will take your advice and get confident and join in as much as possible, I have learnt so much already and I agree everyone is very helpful and friendly. I better get busy reading!

(Nifty) #15

re old we are buying a retirement bungalow at the moment - I can do old!

(Brenda Cumming) #16

LOL NiftyKnits…no stairs eh?
I am not sure what we will do when I have to give up driving…we are right at the top of a mountain (some would say it’s a hill but for someone from London…it is a mountain…very high up and very steep)
It can be very scary driving up here but not sure hubby could make it halfway down to the bus stop.
In a couple of years I will have to re apply for my licence…(be 70 then)…I just hope my brain keeps me active and safe on the roads and wise enough to know when to give up. (the driving that is)…lol

(Brenda Cumming) #17

well done Kay

(Nifty) #18

oh goodness me yes - my grandfather continued driving when he could barely see, and going in the car with my uncle is a very scary experience.

(Brenda Cumming) #19

I learnt to drive in London…going around Hyde Park corner was “kill or cure!”…so I like to think that I am a confident driver…but some of the people out there today worry me…so many of them on the phone and last week I saw a man on the motorway, driving a Lorry with a newspaper on his steering wheel and he was steering with his elbows !!!

(Plumporridge) #20

I’m not keen on the new forums either, but at least I don’t waste so much time here as I used to!
This week I am resolved to join in the Showcase section a bit more.

Amanda xxx