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Pinterest can any one help

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #1

Hi all.
I know this is me most probably being.stupid but how do I work pinterest.
I know how to follow people and pin things but that’s about it. oh and I have made boards.
It’s just the getting my boards followers and how do I add my pinterest icons thing to my folksy page.
My brain is not getting it.
Any help or advice is much appreciated and welcomed.

(Julie) #2

Hobbit, your Pinterest icon is already there in your Folksy header and it works - I’ve just used link and followed you, so I guess you figured it out. Getting followers just takes some time - it helps a lot when you pin other people’s items, such as from the Daily Listers thread.


(Anita Rose Designs) #3

Hi there,
Im no great expert but I do use Pinterest, followers come the more you pin. Im on a board called support small businesses and I pin not only my things but all of your lovely things from the March Hares! As I have pinned a bit more my followers have increased. Also pin lots of different things so it appeals to more people.
Im not sure what you mean by icon thing, the pinterest button is on your shop and I have followed you.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #4

Iv just in the last 20mins worked out how to get the Icon. I spent ages fiddling I did mean to write a message but my dinner was ready so thought I’d do It after. Should of done it before.

Thanks for pinning me. Iv been pinning everything from March hares and all my stuff too.

So I’ll just keep pinninG. It’s quite fun pinning and looking at all the bits that have been pinned.
Iv loaded the app onto my mob.
It’s great

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

Thanks for pinning me Julie I’m going to pin you. Lol that sounds terrible

(Samantha Stanley) #6

Hi again!
I would advise not just to pin items from other crafters. You want to connect with customers rather than people who make. The more boards you have which reflect your own interests with beautiful images the more people will start to follow you, and the beauty is they will be people who share your taste.
Pinterest can also be a valuable design tool because you can pin images of photographs, paintings, textiles, jewellery, food, things from the natural world, all to a theme or colour scheme and take the essence of the things you have pinned to create a new piece of art. Unlike using a physical pin board you can obtain almost any image (some of my favourites are old japanese paintings and illustrations from books). This is a link to my board “Colour” to give you an idea

I am a bit addicted to Pinterest and can sit sourcing and pinning for hours if I don’t stop myself. But there are worse things I could do with my time…

Love Sam :fish:

(Elaine) #7

Sam, your pin boards are gorgeous - what a lovely way to introduce followers to the thoughts and ideas behind your jewellery.


(Samantha Stanley) #8

Aw thanks Elaine! I’m really touched. My Pinterest feed has become very important to me personally and I couldn’t imagine life without it now :smile:

Love Sam x

((Lizzycraft)) #9

Took me a months in pninterest to get any followers and by pure chance I realised I wasn’t pinning enough or following other relevant crafters. I now have over 400 followers literally within 3 months. Have to admit a lt are following not necessarily my craft work but you never know

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #10

Wow that’s amazing think I have 70 followers.
Will have a play later and do some more pinning

(Rachel) #11

Does anyone know how to find individual’s on pinterest, I have two pals with pinterest accounts but I can’t search and find them? thank you