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Pinterest - Repin promotion thread

This is a new promotion game / thread for anyone who uses Pinterest. The difference with this thread is that we repin from the Pinterest account of the shop above, instead of pinning an item directly from Folksy by using the Pin button on the listing.

Why do it this way? Apparently the Pinterest algorithm likes a repin - where you pin something from within Pinterest. Hopefully this will be a way for us to all promote each other, get some more Pinterest followers & help us all out with our Pinterest reach / impressions.

How does it work? Repin an item from the Pinterest board of the shop above you (give them a follow if you aren’t already), share this pin with us & then post a link to your own Pinterest board.

Some tips…
:star: It helps if you have a Pinterest board containing only your own Folksy items so the next person will know they are pinning your work (you can always create this board & repin your existing pins to this)
:star: To share your repin make sure you have the pin open before copying the url & pasting into the reply box
:star: To share your board click on the ‘saved’ tab, then open your board before copying the url

Hopefully this can be a new way for us to get some more Pinterest views & sales!


I’ll start things off.

I’ve just pinned this gorgeous bracelet to my silver jewellery board…

My board is here…

Sorry, but I don’t understand what is meant by ‘the shop above you’… I know this term is used is in many of the promo ideas on Folksy, and I have never understood what is meant by it and therefore haven’t been able to do it. When I go to those boards I am taken to the last post on it, which is often in the middle of a list that is thousands long, so what is meant by ‘the shop above you’? My apologies for having a non functioning brain in this area!

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I’ve just pinned this beautiful bracelet to my Gorgeous Handmade Jewellery Board

This is my board

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Oh no worries at all Judy! So it means the shop, or in this case the Pinterest board, of the last person who posted on the thread. With these type of promo threads, I would usually check the first post to see what the thread / promo game is all about, & then go right down to the very latest / bottom post. There’s a little slider on the side which makes it quicker to navigate if there are thousands of posts - some of these threads have been running for ages!

So really all you need to look at is the shop / Pinterest board / item of the very last person who replied. If you click on their name (the blue writing) it will take you to that persons shop. For this particular thread you would click on the Pinterest board of the last reply in the thread, find an item to repin & then return here to show your pin & share your own Pinterest board. Then the next person along will repin something from your board & add their own details. Does that make sense?

Thanks so much for the explanation @OrukiDesign I’ll have a go when I’m feeling stress-free, as Pinterest is the only ‘social’ media I do!


Morning All,

Hopefully I’ll get this right! I’ve pinned these gloves from @erkinwald board,

Here’s the link to my board,

Cheers Lou


I’ve re-pinned @WhimsicalBells lovely bag to the Buy it on Folksy board.


Here’s one of my boards.

This is a really interesting thread btw as Pinterest is a difficult nut to crack these days :grinning:


I’ve re-pinned this bracelet from @feelfeltfound

Here is my board

Hope I’ve done this right!
Claire x



I have saved this beautiful autumnal tea cosy done by Claire to my Folksy Finds board!

Here is my board:



I saved this gorgeous make up bag to my likes board

Here’s my board


I have pinned this lovely mug from @paisleyprintedgifts .

My board is here:

I have pinned this quit from @KirstyMacdonaldQuilts

and my boards are here:

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I wonder why it says I discovered it! Pinterest is baffling!

Not sure if ive done this right lol xx

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Um, not quite @AHCreations !

I was the last one to post, so you pick something from my boards (the second link in my post) and pin it, show the link to that pin, and then put a link to your own boards, so the next person can pin one of yours…

Does that make sense?

I just saved this from @HelenCliffordArt to my art board

My jewellery board is here


Oh thank you Helen I’m terrible when it comes to this i think I’ve pinned everyone’s lol oh gawd sorry thanks for the advise :heart: Xx

Pinned to my folksy board @ChrisOsbornJewellery

Here’s my board


Thank you @paisleyprintedgifts :two_hearts::two_hearts: