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Cancellation forms with orders?

Hello to you all

Just a quick question, do any of you put in cancellation forms with your orders, as I have just sold my first item on Etsy and I’ve read of an EU law you have to put in a cancellation form with every order. When I have ordered online, I have never received one, confused!!

As far as I’m aware, you only have to supply details so that the customer can return the item if they wish. If you include in the parcel a copy of the Folksy receipt (the one you print from the order) it has your address on it and that covers it.

Edit: Sorry, just re-read what you said and you mention E__y. Is that what you meant or was that a typo? I only sell on Folksy, so I don’t know what the paperwork is like on E__y.

Hi Helen, thank you for your reply.

I did mean E–Y. Not sold anything here yet. I think it should be the same in the eyes of the law at it is staying in the EU. I have printed out an invoice to go with the order. Thanks once again for your help.

Oh, yes it’ll be the same legally - I just meant I didn’t know what paperwork you can produce on E—y :grin:

I think it is more confusing on E–y as it seems more focused on American sellers so hard to filter out what applies to just US and what applies to the rest of the world. Hope I haven’t confused you! (think I’ve confused me!!) xx :upside_down_face: :grin:

You don’t have to include a returns form/ cancellation form with the order but you do need to make sure the buyer has access to all the relevant returns info before they place the order. I use my shop announcement to put all the major details (contact me within 14 days, return to me within an additional 14) and on each listing folksy put a hyperlink to the site’s sales and return policy which includes a link to a pdf of a cancellation/ returns form.
As etsy has shops from all over the world and different countries have different returns laws and not everyone sells to everywhere they don’t have forms available like folksy does so you need to make sure your policies are up to date and should probably send the customer a returns/ cancellation form but as a pdf attached to a convo would be fine. (Might be possible to set it up so that the system automatically includes it on the ‘thank you for your order’ email)

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Hi Sasha
Wow thank you for the info. I will have a look on my Folksy account. I admit I haven’t noticed the link here as I haven’t sold anything yet! Your information is excellent for me, and I’m sure others will find it informative too. Thank you again, I really appreciate all the help xx