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Horrors How did this happen?

I’m filled with horror, I run an Etsy shop that I check everyday, I’d forgotten I was trying Folksy again until today and just took a look at my shop thinking maybe I’ll close it - I find an order from 11th Novemeber - WHY didn’t I get an alert telling me that I’d sold something?
Why hasn’t the customer contacted me? I’m completely confused by the experience, I’ve contacted the customer to ask if she still wants it or a refund but feel cross that this has been allowed to happen.
Etsy sends a convo each time I get a sales - most days - so I imagined that Folksy would be the same.
Advice please.

Did the notification go into your email ‘Spam’ folder by mistake? It sometimes happens, and I have got into the habit of checking mine daily.

I’ll go through it but I always check emails - I can’t believe that I’ve not had an angry customer asking when the h… her stuff has got to.

For every order I’ve received on Folksy I receive an email from Folksy and one from Paypal confirming its been paid for - check that you’ve got the funds in Paypal for the order. I’ve not had a spam order in a while but I used to occasionally get non paid for orders (the address was often gobbledygook and I doubt the person ever had any intention paying) which wouldn’t trigger the folksy or paypal emails and might explain the lack of irate emails from the customer.

Have you checked that your email address is set correctly both for Folksy and Paypal notifications. You should always get emails from both so generally quite hard to miss a sale.

Where’s the Folksy notification tab?

Checked paypal - the customer paid so I’m very surprised, I’ll just wait a few days, if I don’t get a reply I guess I’ll have to refund - I take it that I can cancel a sale on Folksy or will I have to pay the sale fee?

Have you subsequently sold the item elsewhere? Have you got time to make another one and send that?

Thank goodness for nice customers, I’m still not too sure what went wrong but the customer still want the item so I’m going to put an extra in as an apology.
I must admit I’m thinking of closing this shop as it really isn’t going anywhere.
Thank you for the replies.

I have always had notification from Folksy, and Paypal but I also check my shop every day to make sure…


I agree with Kim, if you have an online shop that is open you should check your dashboard every day.


Yes, will do now this has happened - had thought that I’d get notification - lesson learnt!

I always get notification both from Folksy and PayPal. I’d definately check your Spam settings; and email addresses in both.

I mean the email notification from Folksy. Maybe your address is wrong, check it. Surprised you also didn’t get one from PayPal as I presume your address must be right there.