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Returns Policy Query

(Karen Ellam) #1


I’ve just been reading the Folksy email regarding the new policies coming into force on the 13th June, and that we need to change any conflicting legalities from our info pages and it made me wonder about certain returns.
I know it states in the main policy section about items of a certain nature with a broken seal for hygiene reasons can’t be refunded unless faulty.
Well how do we stand with earrings?
I’m lucky (touch wood) not to have had a problem, but I’m sure in time this could arise for some reason.
I’ve noticed some sellers add additional info to the policy on each listing stating 'For hygiene reasons earrings cannot be returned’
Can we actually state that in our policy?? I’m still a novice at online selling and I just wanted to clarify this issue to make sure everything’s above board.
I know as a seller if earrings were sent back if the buyer simply changed their mind and there was no fault, I would have to dispose of them as I have no way of knowing if worn as I use those small press seal plastic bags. I could do with one of those plastic heat sealing devices and then the seal would be obvious if tampered with.

Sorry for the long post. I just wondered what fellow jewellery makers do regarding earring returns/refunds.
It’s a tricky one :grinning:

Karen :cherry_blossom:

(Brenda Cumming) #2

I am also concerned about the returns form. I read the Folksy will do one in a PDF file but I have NO IDEA what to do with that or how to get it into my listings…I hope someone can do it for me. I know how to copy and paste but that is about all. I would hate to have to close my shop because of something that is probably quite simple to do.

(Stephanie Guy) #3

It’s not entirely clear whether the returns form will be automatically attached to every order confirmation or whether there will be a link to it that customers can use. I don’t think that we will be individually expected to send it to our customers, that would be open to all sorts of errors. @technogoggles James can you clarify this please?

@teabreaks Brenda DON’T PANIC a PDF file is just a document that the customer can print off at home, in this case it will be a returns form.

@karenscraftybitz Karen sorry I can’t help from the law perspective but from a customer perspective I would expect to be able to return them.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Thanks for your reply Stephanie :grinning:

I’m just giving this a cheeky ‘bump’ in case someone is a fountain of knowledge on the subject.:wink::grin:


(Deborah Jones) #5

We have to refund on earrings too , we are not allowed to say that we won’t accept returns on them. (although I think some big companies still say it)
If we had sold them face to face we wouldn’t have to accept returns.

I think heat sealing them in a bag would act as a hygiene seal, but it would also prevent the customer being able to get a good idea of how they would look on, and would probably detract from any nice presentation.
Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me, but I think I would just swap the ear wires for a new pair and scrap the suspect ones.

(Karen Ellam) #6

Thanks for your advice Deborah. Its much appreciated :grinning:

Karen :cherry_blossom: