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(Sally Eira) #1

whenever i try and favourite a shop i get an error page - is anybody else getting this?

(Kelly) #2

Morning Sally @SallyandtheFreckles. I favourite one of Rhiannon’s @RhiannonRoseJewellery bracelets this morning and it worked as normal. Maybe it’s just an error on your end? Hope you’re able to sort it. x

(Sally Eira) #3

thanks - i can favourite items within a shop but not the actual shop.
when i try and favourite a shop i get an error page.

(Kelly) #4

Ah, I just favourite you’re shop Sally @SallyandtheFreckles and it’s worked. x

(Sally Eira) #5

thanks so much - must be me then :frowning:

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(Margaret Jackson) #6

It’s not just you, I get the error message too, but only when I try to favourite shops, not items.

(Sally Eira) #7

thanks for letting me know. at least it not just me which makes me feel better :smile:i’ll contact folksy helpdesk.
thanks again

(Rachel) #8

Yep I get an error if I try to favourite a shop from an individual item page, but can favourite a shop from the shop page. I think that makes sense?

Maybe we could ask @folksycontent?

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(Sally Eira) #9

thanks for looking.
i have contacted helpdesk.
the error i get is when i favourite a shop from an individual item’s page like you say.
i can favrouite from the actual main shop page .

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(Roz) #10

Yes I have had that error too but as others say can do it from main shop page just not item page. I did flag it up with admin and they were going to look into it but obviously not solved yet!

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(Sally Eira) #11

thanks roz for letting me know - have contacted helpdesk

(Pauline Hayward) #12

I’ve just favourited your shop OK.

(Camilla) #13

Hi all. Are you still having problems? I’ve flagged it up with Doug but we can’t see the problem. Is it only when you try to favourite a shop from the item page? What error are you seeing? Could you share a screenshot?

(Sally Eira) #14


i have just checked again and it all works now.

previously it was only when i tried to favourite a shop from an item page.

this seems okay now

thanks for your help.

(Rachel) #15

This is the message I get when I try to favourite from an item page @folksycontent

(Camilla) #16

Thanks for the screenshot, Rachel. It looks like you’ve booked an old beta version of the site, which is probably why the favourites don’t work.

@dougfolksy has just asked me if you got to that page via a bookmark in your browser or if you got there from Google?

Does that question make sense?

(Rachel) #17

Bookmark on google chrome if that is what the following is?

sorry I am not the brightest at technology.

(Sally Eira) #18

hi - i can’t seem to favourite a shop still from their listings page. i can seem to do it fron their main shop page, but not from individual listings - is this a common problem @folksycontent ?

(Camilla) #19

Hi Sally. I’m not actually sure. I know Doug was investigating this so I’ll see what he found out and get back to you.