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Car boot sales

…you’ve just got to love them.

I don’t know if its an old age thing(I recently turned 40) but I love them, I also love a bargain(but that’s nothing new).
Sometimes I feel like that guy in Slumdog millionaire, everything I need happens to be at car boot sales just when I need them.

And this is why I bloomin’ love car boot sales!!! 2 necklace stands for craft fairs, a bust at half price(£5, for jewellery display) a cutting mat (my oldest mat is warping)for £1 which Ive just seen same size in a craft shop for £18 and strawberrys because Ive eaten too much junk food.

Do you buy from car boot sales?
Have they helped you in any way?


Well done, that’s a great haul!

I love boot sales too, you just never know what you’ll find and coming home with a bargain is a great feeling. A lot of my best fabric pieces were unappreciated remnants found at boot sales. Often the seller has no idea of the value of a great piece of fabric, so I was able to pick up loads, along with ribbons, lace, embroidery threads, yarns, buttons, beads and more.

I now have more than enough to last me a couple of lifetimes, so have to ration my boot sale addiction and keep my pennies locked away!

Well done!! Sounds like you had a good day out and your enthusiasm for car boot sales is clear!

I actually haven’t been to one for a long time, so you’ve motivated me to take a walk around one some weekend soon.

That’s great that you got some useful (and tasty!!) items!

What incredible luck to find just what you need at a car boot sale. I haven’t been to one for years but mention of fabric remnants at car boots has sparked my interest. Hmmm - might need to investigate further :smile:

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Great finds!

I haven’t been to a sale for a while now, but I have a set of ex-catering serving spoons and utensils that I got about 30 years ago. I love them and use them every day. They only cost a few £s, too ;o)

Its genuinely amazing what you can find there.
Last week my mum bought a blow up water slide for my niece and nephew to play on. Low and behold an entire search of the house lead to no sign of the foot pump(that we know we have got somewhere) to blow it up with. I go to a car boot sale, theres a pump at a car boot sale for £1.

Lots of people sell old curtains and bits of fabric, there was one stall with lots of embroidery and knitting bits. I understand second hand items aren’t to everybodies liking but Its worth going every once in a while, it can save a small fortune…

I haven’t been to one in a while but when we bought our first house (24 years ago) a lot of our stuff came from car boot sales (including the kitchen table) the only thing I wanted to buy brand new was the bed. When the kids came along a lot of their clothes/toys/books came from car boots & were resold at car boots when no longer needed (I had a large car boot sale of toys when I finished childminding)
I’ve just got into book folding and plan on trying a few car boots to find old books at a reasonable price (a lot of the charity shops only sell the ones in pristine condition and charge a top price for them, I don’t care how tatty the covers are or if the odd page is torn/missing so think car boots might be the place to find them)

Great bargin finds :smile:
There was a car boot sale all last year but it’s always been on a sunday morning while I’m in church so never got to it.

It’s no longer being held either as the school don’t want it being held due to the damage cars have done to their school’s playing fields.

We do have 6 charity shops in town and one in the village which are well worth visiting regularly and I’ve found some wonderful finds in.

I love them, I went the weekend before last and got myself a dress worth about £80 for £5. I got a few other pretties from 50p to £2.00
Here’s a pic of the dress from tiinterweb


And this is why I love car boot sales. Il make it into a jewellery holder.


I just bought a cuttlebug and cutting plates for £10!! I wanted it to emboss card but sadly theres no embossing mat which I didn’t realise until I got home, but still a bargain!
I always said I wouldn’t get one but the price was too crazy to say no to.
Now to spend a fortune on dies and folders!!


If you look on ebay there should be replacement embossing mats (as well as thousands of dies and embossing folders :smile:)

Thanks, luckily I don’t need an embossing rubber mat with e folders, they are working well with plates I have but I have a pillow box die and I feel the fold sections need to be deeper so I may need a rubber mat, Ive found 1 on ebay thanks, but Ive contacted cuttlebug makers to see if I actually need one.

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I’m selling some old Sissix and sizzlits dies if your interested :wink:

6 metre length of vintage Laura Ashley fabric at the boot sale today for £2.50. I’m over the moon, it’s beautiful.



I had a disappointing day at a car boot yesterday, I only bought 1 thing, not even worth a mention.

Shame, better luck next time. That’s the thing I like though, you just never know what you are going to come home with.


I have never been to a car boot sale!! It sounds like I’m missing out!


Well, I think not everyone can take to them, but you really should try it at least once ! Years ago we used to do a stall nearly every week of the summer and it often helped us out of a tight spot! Nowadays , I just love strolling round and picking up the odd bargain. No good today though, we arrived just as the heavens opened and everyone packed up! Came home and painted the hallway instead.

I once did a car boot sale and a man drove to the spot next to me and unloaded a table…nothing else in his car…then he went round the fair…bought some stuff, put it on his table and sold it at a profit…lol…clever man…lol