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Cash Sales

HI everyone,

A family member bought a couple of items from me today at my house. These were items I had listed on folksy. In order to show them as sales I then went on to folksy as a guest and bought them so they would show as sold and so my number of sales would increase. I now have 3 sales. Woohoo!

I just want to check I am not breaking any rules by doing that. The family member does not like to buy things on the internet and so the alternative would be to just take the items off sale and not have them show as sales.

Can anyone advise if there’s any other way to do this? or is this the only way x

You are not breaking any rules by doing it that way but you will end up having to pay folksy commission by doing that. If you had sold those items at a craft fair and then done the same you would in effect end up paying 2 lots of commission (the fair stall fee and folksy’s fees) just to have an up to date online record of how many items you have sold and that could get expensive. As far as I know customers aren’t put off by how many or how few items you have sold. I just take items off sale on here when I sell them else where.

You can go to your dashboard and hide those items from your shop/public and just leave the listings there.

When I sell to family I give them a F&F discount of about 10% (more if I’m feeling generous :slight_smile: )
I remove them from sale here by zeroising the quantity and as I don’t have to pay Folksy sales fees the F&F discount is balanced off.

If you had helped them to register with Folksy, or registered yourself from another email account, you could have got (or given yourself) some useful feedback :slight_smile: Well done on your sales, though :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, I think in future I’ll just zero the item. I thought I was doing good by showing that I had more sales, but I guess Folksy is not the only place I’ll sell, and if I sell anything at a craft fair I cant come on “buying” the stuff so it shows as a sale. Also, I’ve realised, I’ve got the paypal fee to consider too x