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Cat flea treatment

Hi all,
This isn’t craft related, but I know many of you have cats. I have 12 pipettes of cat flea treatment for sale, they are 0.5ml pipettes for cats over 1kg.
I’d like £20 for them which would include delivery. There’s 3 frontline (expires June 2018) and 9 fiproclear (expires Feb 2018) I’ve signed maiya up to a pet care plan which includes flea treatments and would really hate all these to go to waste.

If anyone’s interested give me a shout and I will send you an invoice.
Donna x

Hi Donna
May I have these please? My email address is

Many thanks


Hi Julie,
Yes, I’ll send you an invoice and pop them in the post for you this afternoon.
Thank you :grinning:
Donna x

Thanks Donna :slight_smile: I have paid via paypal :slight_smile: Itchy and scratchy will be very grateful :slight_smile:

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Thank you Julie, I’m packing them up for Itchy and Scratchy right now :slight_smile: