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Cat insurance

(James Alden) #1

Anyone know of a good cat insurance ? All that I have looked at are a rip off on excess,a broken leg would still leave me to find around £400 in excess charges,others it seems do not like to cough up.
Are there any that would tailor a policy ? A death pay out is no use to me,I am not talking about a worn out wheel bearing I can replace,this is my cat and nothing could replace him. How about the third party liability ? I fail to see how I can be held liable for an animal that is free to roam.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(Donna) #2

I haven’t got cat insurance for Maiya but I do have a pet plan with our local vets. It includes her injections, flea and worm treatments, an annual check up and money off treatment, depending on what it is. It worked out cheaper to do it that way. It’s £10 a month with vets for pets :slight_smile: :cat2:

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(James Alden) #3

Thanks Donna,that could be worth thinking about,he came home with a sore foot and a claw missing and nothing much can be done about that and he will just have to suck it better.It did make me think about if it were a paw missing and what I would be able to do,he was a stray and I have had 4 great years with him and can’t imagine what I would do with out him even though he does like to help by sitting on my chest when I am under the car.

(Donna) #4

Ah poor thing. I hope he gets better soon. I couldn’t be without Maiya either, she’s not much into mechanical helping, but she does like to help with the gardening by killing the weeds as I’m pulling them up :slight_smile:

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(Rhiannon Rose) #5

We have two 4 year old boys, and the insurance goes up loads every year, despite us never making a claim. However, our vets are brilliant: most recent visit £5.50 to remove a tick. We looked at doing it ourselves, but it was £3 on Amazon just to get the plastic tick remover!

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(James Alden) #6

We met a Scottish gypsy in the Trossachs,he shew us how to remove ticks by simply getting finger and thumb nails behind the neck twisting and pulling,it worked well, I had picked up 8 and the other two had ten and twelve,don’t know how three naked men in the forest de-ticking each other would have looked though but it has to be done as Lyme disease can set in after 24 hours if they are not removed.

(James Alden) #7

They have to take care of little injuries themselves,they will lick off antiseptic and dressings impede the cats natural proccess.
He is a big ginger and I call him Jonesy after Ripleys cat in the alien movie.

(Alison Mackenzie) #8

Not sure about their cat insurance, but I have both my dogs insured with Pets at Home Insurance. The excess is £75 + 10% of the remainder of the cost of treatment and there are different levels of cover you can choose. A bonus is that you get a Pets at Home voucher when you take out a policy and one when you renew each year. Fortunately I’ve only had to claim once and they sorted it all out pretty quickly. :relaxed:

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(James Alden) #9

Thanks for that Alison,I shall get a quote now.

(Beaniehats) #10

Quick and easy effective way to remove ticks on a cat or a dog is dab the tick with some mouthwash. I used listerine on some cotton wool on a stray cat that sometimes comes to us for food a couple of weeks ago. The next day it had gone as the ticks don’t like it.

(Lisa Harrison) #11

We use Pet Plan for our cat Teppic. It’s not cheap, but he has a lifetime policy. They are very efficient with payouts and the premiums haven’t risen much over the years despite a few claims. Just wish we’d taken it out when we first got him, as he has ongoing cystitis problems which aren’t covered as they were existing when we took out the policy

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(James Alden) #12

Thanks for that Lisa,pay out is what I want to hear so I shall look into that.