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Mr Stinky aka Stray Cat

(Selador) #1

I have a bit of a problem with a stray cat that’s been marauding about my garden and coming in through the catflap and spraying. This started about two months ago and googling the problem involved solving it by:

  • Shooting it: I have no fond feelings towards it but wouldn’t like a cat’s death on my conscience
  • Spraying with water: If only I could get near enough
  • Getting one of those catflaps that work with magnetic chip codes: They cost £70+ and only 2 of my 3 are chipped
  • Catching it, getting it neutered and adopting it: 3 cats are enough for me

It’s been coming in the house, spraying, fighting with my youngest ginger boy who’s the only one that is even slightly territorial; one morning woke up at 3.30am to see Mr Stinky sitting on my chest of drawers and staring balefully at me. It leaves decapitated mice and birds on the doormat and no, these aren’t presents to ingratiate itself to me: they’re its’ larder. Then I had the bright idea of sticking a piece of cardboard slightly bigger than the catflap on the outside - my lot are intelligent to poke at it with their paws and get through but it seemed to defeat Mr S. Until today…
Came downstairs

- drew back the sitting room curtains to be greeted with the dreaded tabby sitting on the windowsill. Help please as I don’t think this lot will do much about it! (Please note I don’t usually have either cats or shopping bags on my kitchen table although they are Ocado bags.)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

He’s clearly looking for a home and has decided as there are cats already at your place then your place is the place to be.

I think he must have been with other cats before.

Have you asked around neighbours to see if they know where he belongs?

You might have to contact the RSPCA if you can’t find where he belongs to have him rehomed. Poor thing.

(Selador) #3

RSPCA aren’t interested I’m afraid - I can see their point in a way as their resources are limited and they don’t have the people to wait in my garden until he appears. Yes, this is the house to be in - best food on demand and cat treats! :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Maybe put adverts up asking if anyone wants a cat? Get it neutered so it at least doesn’t spray? If a cat wants to live with you there’s not a lot you can do about it really!

(Elaine) #5

Cats choose their home and it seems to be the case here! Margaret’s idea of putting up adverts is a good one and, if there’s a local facebook page for your area you could post there too. You never know, he may belong to someone who’s missing him. I believe you can get stray cats spayed for free at the vets, I know we were able to with one of ours (often an offer run by Cats Protection or RSPCA to do it free to lowl income families or for stray cats).

I’ve also heard cats don’t like the smell of orange, but leaving peel around your home would be a nightmare and probably put your other cats off too!

If new puss decides to stay (and you let him), I’d imagine your other cats will eventually get used to it, they’d sort themselves out with regard to pecking order etc. We’ve had several strays turn up, stay, disappear or are still with us, that had unsettled the other cats, but all adjusted within a short spell.


(Liz Dyson) #6

We have a dreadful ginger tom around our place at the moment. He bullies the other neighbourhood cats, has the most annoying scream (not nice at 4am) and I bet it was him that got into my living room yesterday and sprayed it. I think I would cheerfully wring it’s neck if I could catch it. All the neighbours are complaining about him, but we can’t work out where he belongs. I’m moving soon and I won’t miss him, the brute!!


PS I am not a cat hater, I have one myself and am probably going to get another when I move.

(Elaine) #7

Let’s hope it doesn’t track you down in your new home lol :wink:

(Liz Dyson) #8

Oh, bloomin’ 'eck! Now I’m going to have nightmares.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #9

Lol!!! AWWW!!! Keep him!!!..Go On…you know you want to!..xx

(Maureen Brazier) #10

He looks very comfortable with you - I think he has made his mind where he wants to be - if you keep him I’m sure he will repay you with lots of luv

(Emma Wood) #11

If he is able to get inside your house, are you able to stop him leaving, and then call the RSPCA to say you’ve got him trapped and all they’ve got to do is collect him? Even if it means trapping your 3 cats for a while too?

(Selador) #12

The photo is of my nice 3 well-behaved (mostly) neutered boys not the rebrobate stray. The ginger one called Dilla (named by hip hop loving son); changed to DD Bob in honour of streetcat Bob has today sustained his 3rd bite from Mr Stinky - he is the only one of the cats that is slightly aggressive to Mr S. The large fluffy ragdoll Kobe (also named by son after basketball player Kobe Bryant) only tends to get a bit excited when I open the fridge and is no fighter or hunter - I have never known him catch anything apart from a small scotch egg and a wet leaf proudly brought in as trophies.

(Suzanne Francis) #13

as your cat DD bob doesn’t like him, I would go with what Emma suggested, he obviously needs a home and to be neutered. Maybe an alternative cat rehoming place such as Celia Hammond, cats protection or any local ones in your area would come and collect him - if you manage to trap him that is, they even may offer to do it for you.

(Dog As Pony) #14

I know your problem! It’s very hard to turn away such a ‘generous’ cat (those dead bits of mouse are for you…) he likes you.

I have one indoor stray, who is micro chipped fully integrated and running the household. Then suddenly a skinny un-neutered (problem-stinky) cat, desperate, starving, took to sleeping in my cat’s outdoor ‘shed’. He now gets fed, wormed and de-flead, though I couldn’t catch him he’s ferrel… this is the best I can do. My cat doesn’t like him but tolerates it. I know, not perfect but making him a little home outdoors might be the answer… who else is going to look after him… and I’m not sure you’ll get rid of him? I’m constantly annoyed with myself for taking on another cat as I can’t really afford to run one but it’s a dilemma (small one as dilemma go).

(Dog As Pony) #15

Sorry, offering advice when I’ve not read all the facts!… just read about your ginger cat (and his catching a small scotch egg - very very funny)… but it’s awful if he’s attacking your other cats. There is a scheme that rehouses ferrel cats to farms - I think it might be run or attached to Celia Hammond trust - perhaps that’s the best option? Best of luck.