Folksy Ltd


(Kim Blythe) #1

Is it possible to put a product in more than one category?
I have made 2 Christmas tree bookmarks and would like to list them in both the Christmas category, and the bookmarks category.
Is it a case of doing 2 listings, one in each?


(Minerva) #2

Yes you can. Just click on both categories in Dashboard / Shopkeeping. This is a great feature!

(Christine Shephard) #3

You can list them in your shop categories as @Minerva has said, but I wonder whether you were thinking of the Folksy categories instead? If so, you can only list in one, not both, so you would have to add 2 listings.

(Kim Blythe) #4

Yes, it was the Folksy categories I was meaning.
I have already put it in 2 of my collections…

Thanks for replying though!