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Listing an item - Can we use two categories?

(Pawcrafts) #1

Hi - I am wondering if there is a way around listing items in two categories instead of one?
My problem is that I am making notebook cover (with notebooks) & pencil cases. To list a pencil case it fits under HOMEWARE then OFFICE subheading then there is PENCIL CASES which is great but to list a notebook/notebook cover I can go as above and put it in EVERYTHING ELSE or the main category of CARDS & STATIONARY.

I have just re-categorised my notebook covers in the HOMEWARE - OFFICE - EVERYTHING ELSE section to see if it gets more views.

Any idea’s would be gratefully received.

thanks C :smiley_cat:

(Kim Blythe) #2

The only way I know is to list it twice…and hope no one buys from both!!..unless you have 2 the same of course.

(Helen Clifford) #3

I believe you can only list in one category - however, the general feeling on the forums seems to be that nobody actually searches by using the Categories, they use the search box, so it’s far more important to make sure your descriptions, titles and Tags are what people might search for, than to worry that the categories aren’t quite right for you.

What you can do instead, is to set up Collections for your shop, and put your items into one or more of those. If you have a look at my shop I have collections for different media, and for different subjects, and my items go in two Collections (say ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Watercolour’).

You set up your Collection titles using Shop Settings>Collections, and put your items into collections, using Shop Settings> Shopkeeping.

(Pawcrafts) #4

Thanks for your replies, I’ll look into doing that - thanks :smiley_cat: