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Celebrating 250 sales!

(Emma Rogerson) #1

I can’t quite believe it but I have made it to 250 sales here on Folksy!
To celebrate I am going to run a 25% off in my Folksy shop until Sunday at midnight.
Just use discount code CELEBRATE250

Off for wine now!


Emma x

(sejleather) #2

Congratulations! Well done. Enjoy the wine - sounds like you deserve it :smiley:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Congratulations on your 250th sale. :grinning: :beers: :balloon:


(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #4

Congratulations, enjoy a very well deserved glass of two of wine :smile:

(Leathermeister) #5

well done on your sales.

(Samantha Stanley) #6

Yay! Well done :smile:

Love Sam x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

Congratulations, that’s brilliant.

(Yvette ) #8

Congratulations :smile:

(Claire Davis) #9

That’s amazing - well done!

(Liz Clark) #10

Congratulations! :tada: :wine_glass:

(Jo Sara) #11

Well done Emma :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

yah well done :slight_smile: and here’s to many more sales

(Kim Blythe) #13

Well done!!

(Samantha Taylor-Casey) #14

Well done Emma quite an achievement, hope you enjoyed the wine. iI wish I could get to that figure :slight_smile:

(sarahprice) #15

Congratulations -that is so cool x