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Chalk fixative help please

I have a new obsession of using chalk for my cards.
But Ive noticed that the colour can be smudged.
I wondered if there was a cheap way of fixing the chalk on the card.

We alwyas used hair spray on chalk drawings when I was doing my art gcse but there are spray fixitives/ varnishes for going on chalk/ paper which might be more effective. Hopefully one of the artists can recommend a specific brand.

I’ve used this on paper, it says high gloss but if you apply sparingly it’s more of a subtle sheen (although you can build up the layers to give a more glossy finish)

@SashaGarrett I agree with the hairspray, nostalgic art school memories from the 80s! xx

I have used both Daler Rowney and Winsor and Newton fixatives on pastel and charcoal, they don’t add shine .

I use Winsor and Newton Professional fixative spray on all my pastel work. A large can 400ml costs about £13.50. The thing is if the work is rubbed hard, even after fixing, the pastel will still move. Hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

I use a light coating of hairspray =] don’t spray too close up or you won’t get even coverage!

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I think it might be time to get a can of hair spray and run some tests! (I’d try mailing myself one to see what effect the postie has on it) I wonder if the roughness of the card stock makes a difference as to how well the chalk/ pastel stays in place.

I remember my old art teacher telling us there was no point buying expensive fixative and to just use hairspray. Apparently the cheaper the better, I can’t vouch for that though :smile:

That’s lucky, I just bought a cheap can of hairspray, I shall try it asap. Thanks one and all.

I add my vote to the hairspray camp - do come back and let us know how it went :slight_smile:

Yup I used the hairspray trick when I used to draw with pastels

Hairspray can turn paper yellow after a period of time. Hopefully it won’t do anything to your cards, but it’s best to use the proper tool for the job.

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