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Wax or varnish?

Hi everyone I am new to this forum so sorry if this has been asked before. I have had a go at upcycling a chair. I used chalk paint and would like to know what I should use to finish/protect it? I tried a sealant and a clear soft finish varnish but they left a brownish hue.
Is there anything that dries completely clear?

A quick google of sealing chalk paint found this

they recommend a couple of different waxes rather than varnishes so maybe try a wax (and a lot of buffing).

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Thank you. A bit of a workout for my bingo wings

I’m a recent wax convert, although I still have a soft spot for a matt varnish and sometimes use a combination of both on the same item :slight_smile:

Any polyurethane varnish is likely to yellow, but in general a water based varnish, although less durable, will remain transparent.

For light colours in particular I would also use a flat art brush rather than a decorating brush as it gives a much better finish.

Sarah x

Pretty chair, unusual shape. xxx