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Spray glue for glitter

(Heidi Meier) #1

Does anyone have any recommendations for a spray glue or adhesive which can be used to spray a fine consistent mist of glue over card, which I can then add a fine grade glitter?? The glue would need to dry clear, and be acid free / not yellow with age. Thanks in advance.

(Ronald Koorm) #2

You might try one of the 3M spray mount adhesives - they do a wide range including allowing for repositioning objects to give working time and permanent fast drying too. Haven’t tried using it in the way you describe but worth a go.

No idea if it is acid free, you need to download the technical literature.

Always use the adhesive outside, or with very good ventilation inside, and if you use it a lot I would advise a face-mask for safety.

Also, try a good graphics shop, they will almost certainly have a wide range of adhesives for artwork and crafts.

(Heidi Meier) #3

Thanks will do. Much appreciated. I’d seen this one and also a couple of others which did state they don’t yellow, but when looking at reviews etc online, people were saying things like the glue sprays out in a string, which I don’t want, ideally I’d like a spray mist type effect. I may have to resort buying a few and seeing what works best, so am trying to get a short list of suitable ones to test. :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #4

I have the hobbycraft spray mount glue and it would definitely not be suitable for your purposes, it’s thick and stringy and to be honest I don’t even like using it for mounting. It’s not cheap either!

I have had a 3m one in the past and it was much finer and easier to use but it was several years ago and I can’t remember the name of the glue.

(Helen Smith) #5

I’ve used the 3M one and it wasn’t stringy at all, it sprayed a nice fine mist.

(Heidi Meier) #6

Hello - thanks for your replies. There’s a paper craft shop near me so I will pop in tomorrow and see what they have too. Then i can finish my latest batch of cards! :smile:

(Diane Burton) #7

I bought the Hobbycraft one too and haven’t used it more than a few times as it gets everywhere! It’s at the back of a shelf somewhere in my craft area and will probably stay there.

(Diane Burton) #8

Crafters Companion do a good set of spray glues both permanent and repositionable as well as a spray to remove glue from where it strays (my glass cutting mat for example :slight_smile: )
Here’s a link to their website but I have seem them at Hobbycraft and online at Create & Craft