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(Knittycosy ) #1

How do i change pictures in shop

(Joy Salt) #2

Which pictures ? Your profile / shop picture or the picture on the listing in your stop ?
If you mean your listing picture then you need to go into edit against the listing and upload new pictures same as you did the one you have already got. You can then shuffle them about / delete by pressing the x button.

If you mean your shop banner or avatar - then you do this in Shop appearances - there are obvious buttons to press on that page to do the pictures.

Kirsty hope you don’t mind me pointing it out you …Cafetiere is spelt …not the way you have it. Always a really good idea to check your spelling in your listings to give them a professional look which is what you need if you are selling to the online public.
nb: I admit there may be a couple of typos in a couple of my listings but I do have a lot of listings and the descriptions are long whereas yours is a single sentence so a bad spelling will stick out like a sore thumb. Did to me anyway,

Good luck with your knitting :slight_smile:

(Knittycosy ) #3

The listed item in shop i took better pictures