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Change profile pic

(Jon Burgess Art) #1

I can’t change my profile pic. The old one just stays there no matter how often I ‘upload a new image’ and ‘save’ it. the image url appears in the upload box but the new image never replaces the old one. This is with Firefox and Safari. closed and then re-opened, renamed the file, logged in and out etc etc. Not the end of the world, but it ‘should’ work so why doesn’t it?

(Jane Whalley) #2

Not really sure Jon, but I know I had trouble with Firefox and Safari. I actually use Chrome for my listings etc and it seems a lot better for me. I am absolutely not tech savy at all, but it was my son, who sorted it out for me.

Jane x

(Pauline Hayward) #3

I had a problem changing mine then I realised I was doing it in the wrong section. You do mean your avatar picture? I was trying to do it in Profile settings at first and it wasn’t working, so I went to Shop Appearance and it worked.

(Jon Burgess Art) #4

AHA! that was it :wink: thanks for telling me.