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Changing Twitter Account

Hello - can anyone help?

When trying to share on Twitter it brings up my personal Twitter and I want to change this to another - how do I do this please? Gone through all the categories and cant find a place to do this

Its driving me mad!!

Not 100% sure but I think it will tweet to whichever account you are logged into on Twitter. I am permanently logged onto twitter on my laptop but sometimes my phone logs me out and when it does and I try to tweet an item it asks me to log in so assuming that is the account it would tweet with. Hope that makes sense.

Thank Roz - really appreciate it - I have been tearing my hair out thinking I was missing something - but that would make sense x Thanks again

Hi @BartonsBeautifulBracelets Yes, it sounds like you just need to swap profiles.
I use Twitter on my phone via the Twitter app, if I click on ‘me’ which brings up my profile, there’s a button just underneath the banner with 2 grey heads on it, this is where I can swap between my accounts.
If you’re using tweet deck etc, it may look different to this, but if you click on your profile, you should be able to find a button where you can switch accounts