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Decent exercise around crafting?

(Annie) #1

A lot of crafts are achieved by mostly sitting or standing, and sometimes I can go hours without really doing much else. I was wondering, how do you keep ‘exercised’ and well, the circulation going?!

I bought th Miranda exercise dvd (for a laugh, I can relate to her!) and try and walk to the post office but sometimes struggle to actually do decent high energy stuff to compensate the crafting sloth in me :yum:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #2

Hello Annie, not sure how others do it, but I do as you, walk to the post office, its a 2 mile round trip for me, and I march/ stomp back and forth. I go most days and when I am not posting goodies to customers, ( which isn’t as often as I would love ), I go just to buy one pint of milk, or one pat of butter! I get up a good glow, and have actually lost 1/2 stone in 6 weeks, so as you can imagine I’m feeling good!!
Every little helps, I think you just have to do what you can
Suzzie, not as sloth like as I was, x

(Samantha Stanley) #3

It’s a myth that exercize will help you loose weight. Lots of scientific studies have proved this. But gyms like to keep the myth going because they make enormous amounts of money from exercize. As one Australian doctor controversially put it “There are no fat people in concentration camps.”

The way to lose weight is to eat less fat and sugar and more salad. Sorry folks but it’s true.

It is also perfectly possible to be “fat and fit.” Think of some of the rugby players. What exercize does do is promote flexibility, improve heart and lung health and (if you exercize outside) promote vitamin D levels, which are proven to prevent cancer. It’s also fun. I walk twice a day most days and do a weekly Zumba class which keeps my muscle tone up.

Interestingly, it counts as exercize to stand up as you work and some people swear by “standing desks” which allow you to do so. So if you can stand up to work and make sure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs. That’s really all you need to do!

Love Sam x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Untill this month when I seem to be having some major allergic reactions so not been very well

I normally have a brisk walk around the estate first thing before I do any thing esle and play Badminton the first 3 Fridays of the month have to miss the last Friday of the month as I have band practice. I’m an ex county player and Badminton coach and the only female member of an all male badminton club and they’re all at least 15years younger than I am. I’m the old lady :blush:

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Wow! You are much braver than me :smile:

Sam x

(Joy Salt) #6

I cut, grind and solder my glass in the garage at the end of the garden - up a few steps and along the path.
I copper foil, clean, polish and everything else in the house.
I stand up all the time I’m in the garage and sit only for copper foiling.
In between times I dash hither and thither up and down the garden path and steps.
May not be a recognized exercise regime but I probably walk quite a way each day ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Roz) #7

Felting is a very physical process - I’m usually exhausted after a crafting session and I also have dogs to walk every day so that keeps me going although I always feel I should do more!

(Natalie Franca) #8

Knitting keeps the bingo wings at bay! Other than that, I walk/rush around a lot, I don’t drive so am forever lugging heavy bags around when walking/dashing.

I also like salt and vinegar crisps too much, so they probably counteract the above!


(Annie) #9

Well done suzie! I’m impressed (and a tad jealous?lol) do you find it harder in winter? (I’m not a winter girl).

Love your hot water bottle covers by the way x

(Annie Storkey) #10

I go for a walk every day and a long Iyengar yoga session every Monday. This is also good for my mental health as well as physical. I don’t drive so I also walk to my weekly shop (I have a shopping trolley) and often walk back from town (3 miles) if I visit the shops, gardens or dentist etc. I was far fitter when I was a nurse (at one time I worked in an obesity clinic!) and on my feet all day, now I teach from home and I have to make more of an effort.
Exercise can help in weight loss as long as you do not compensate for it by eating more. Generally weight loss is a matter of balance between the two, exercise and calories. A prescribed amount of exercise will burn a certain amount of calories which varies according to the personal circumstances.

(Annie) #11

@mermaidspursejewellery well that’s me stuff then Samantha; I love salad but also love sugar and butter (in fact, any food!)

I have to disagree tho, exercise burns calories! If you exercise more your using up more of your food store so it doesn’t sit on your hips so to speak.

My trouble is when I exercise I then feel justified in having cake!

As for concentration camps - people weren’t fed most of the time, and some had to do excruciating hard labour

(Annie) #12

Yes Annie! Definitely good for mental health, that’s a very good point x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #13

Annie @urbanfairy I am much better at it in the winter, as it tends to be warmer outside than sitting knitting! in the summer I revert to sloth roots and prefer to sit in the garden drinking tea! although the allotment then tends to take over, but there is only so much digging required.
Thank you for the hottie compliments.
Annie @HeavenlyAnarchist, is it a wicker trolley? I think when exercise is part of your daily life, like yours walking 3 miles to do the shopping, it is so much better than going to the gym, as you cant say ‘oh I cant be bothered today’ because then there would be no milk/bread… in the house.
I call it my ‘Shop yourself fit’ regime!
Suzzie x

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

Doing housework is just like exercise and will burn calories too, so no need to go running or to a gym.
I could easily craft for hours on end, I tend to sit on the sofa surrounded by craft goodies.

(proggyandtweed) #15

I have a dog and two horses. Job done! Sadly my love of hot, buttered toast rather scuppers any weight loss benefit.

(Diane Burton) #16

My craft area is upstairs and the kettle is downstairs so I tend to do a lot of going up & down :slight_smile: we also don’t have an upstairs bathroom so if I need to use water for anything (washing brushes etc) or even just need the loo I have to go down. My ‘proper’ job is a lollipop lady so I do a bit of walking with that too

(Samantha Stanley) #17

That’s not true, Annie! When most people exercize, they overcompensate later when they eat (I note you mentioned cake!). Also the calories we burn exercizing do not come out of our fat stores. The fat just stays there. They come out of glycogen stored in the liver. If you like to eat fat and sugar, your glycogen stores will be quickly replaced because glycogen is made from blood glucose. I’m a diabetic (type 1) so I understand the science rather well!

The particular concentration camp the Aussie doctor was talking about is the one Australians are (scandalously) currently keeping their refugees in. None of them are subject to hard labour (in fact they do no work at all) but they have very limited food rations and this is what caused him to make the comment. He was castigated in the press for making it, but medical professionals agree that the science behind it is good.

It is difficult to cut fat and sugar combinations out of the diet, because they are addictive, especially chocolate, but it is the healthiest thing to do.

I understand that this message hasn’t been put about publicly as much as it should have been. Nobody wants to hear it, for starters, but it is the truth. I have a BMI of 21, a difficult thing for a diabetic to achieve, so for me, certainly it works.

Love Sam x

(Sarah Lambert) #18

I have been taking a gunned up kitchen floor out of our house bucketful by bucketful, and probably shifted half a ton or more. I also walk at least 2 miles a day with my dog. Makes no difference though, I’m not sylph like at all.

(Annie Storkey) #19

No, my trolley has groovy green hippy swirls on it and is big enough to fit in a week’s shopping for 4 people if I am frugal. I quite fancy a wicker one though :smile: I do Tudor re-enactment and have a lovely willow basket I carry around then.

(Samantha Stanley) #20

You seem to do a lot more exercize than I do, Sarah :wink:

Sam x