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Has anybody tried Yoga

Have any of you taken up yoga? Im not one for exercise really. I got a bike recently but its getting too cold to want to go out on it.
I thought yoga might help, I feel like I need a good stretching.
Have any of you tried it and would you recommend it?

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I have tried many types of yoga over the years and currently do a Hatha yoga class which is very good for me (along with lots of cycling - I have a set of high performance thermals). I have previously done Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa - didn’t get on with the last 2 forms but that might just have been those particular teachers. You might need to try a few different styles and teachers before you find the one that is right for you.

Please let me know how you get on … I’ve always fancied yoga x

I agree with @SashaGarrett. Although it is important with any form of exercize if you want to keep doing it that you feel comfortable with the teacher and their style. Yoga in all its forms (some more than others) is actually harder work than it looks. It is great for strengthening core muscles as well as flexibility and you will find yourself tired at first. Having said that, Yoga is about progression rather than competition and that helps stop you from over-exerting yourself and picking up an injury as can happen with some other classes. The only thing it is not as good for is cardio-vascular stuff, but even there, it does raise your heart rate more than a brisk walk.

Sam x

I did Hatha Yoga as a teen, quite enjoyed it but then moved on to Tai Chi, From Tai Chi I moved on to aerobics and aquafit from that to Zumba.
I discoved that for me the music is key to keeping me going.
I would suggest trying it, there will be an exercise out there, that you enjoy. Just keep sampling them.

Lots of my friends here have now taken up jogging and go as a gang 2 or 3 times a week - I haven’t quite convinced myself to join them :slight_smile:

Yes I have done yoga for many years , a wonderful stretch but had to give up due to arthritis in my hands as a lot is done with hands so good luck and have a good stretch

An attempt was made. A not very successful one! I’m far more uncoordinated than the average person, it seems. :wink:

A while ago (when I was recovering from a broken ankle) I bought myself a 2nd hand wii console + wii fit board set up on ebay for about £60. It came with wii fit plus which has yoga and pilates and a bunch of more aerobic and strength exercises. A few months ago I bought another exercise game called ‘exerbeat’ and this one is now my firm favourite. It has lots of really good aerobics exercises and very thorough and easy to do stretching and pilates exercises. For the last 3 months I have been doing an hour of exercise 5-6 mornings a week using exerbeat and have lost nearly 15kg so far. I particularly like the fact that I can exercise easily and (apparently) successfully in the comfort and privacy of my living room!

It certainly avoids the ‘getting too cold to go out’ issues of this time of year! :slight_smile:

I talked to pals about it last night and pilates was recommended over yoga which could end up with injuries :o/ Ive found a class nearby. I could walk/cycle to it, but do I really want to be that super fit? ;o)

I do pilates as well as the yoga - neither will cause injuries if the teacher knows what they are doing and you do what they say but both could cause injuries if you don’t do it correctly. It really does come down to finding the right teacher/ style of class for you (given the nature of my disabilities perhaps even more so for me than for others). I also cycle to both classes that way I don’t have to pay for parking and don’t risk getting caught in traffic jams, super fit doesn’t come into it.

I did one lesson of pilates and was nearly crying it was so boring.

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I have a problem with my knees, I don’t have enough cartilage in them, and the cartilage that’s in them is really soft so I suffer with the bone rubbing off the bone basically. I’m 28- and apparently according to the British study it’s a problem that women over their 30’s rarely suffer with and is fairly common younger. The American study however says it will simply get worse. So I’m hoping the British study is correct!!
However several years ago I was at the point whereby I couldn’t walk anywhere without being in agony. I was having steroid injections in my knees and was so depresssd because of it.
I was offered surgery but was told it could cause more long term problems so instead I went with intensive physio. It worked! And when I was in less pain I started a yoga class after explaining to a local yoga teacher. I went every single week and then started doing it at home.
I now do at least 30mins of yoga almost every day, and it’s changed my life! I am not in daily pain at all anymore, I can go on proper hikes (I was in the Andes this summer) and couldn’t be happier with the progress! No more steroid injections for me!

Not only that but it’s made me super flexible, has toned my legs, bum, stomach, back and arms nicely and just makes me feel much more confident!

I can’t do high intensity exercise because of the lack of cartiledge so it’s perfect for me!

I definitely recommend it! Theres so many different styles! But I wouldn’t start doing it at home alone until you know what you’re doing- simply because you can train your body in the wrong way and it can cause problems.

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I tried Yoga…can someone please come round and untangle me?

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I do Iyengar yoga, it is a type of yoga with lots of holding poses and stretching rather than a meditative one so great for toning and strengthening but quite active. The iyengar yoga teachers round here are very well trained and very hands on which is just as well as most of my class have health problems such as post-cancer or injuries. I find it helpful as I can only do low impact exercise due to a genetic osteoarthritis but it is also good for my mind (I have bipolar disorder).

I started practising yoga in my early 30s and I’m 59 next month. I can’t recommend it enough - it really does help to keep your body strong and supple. I’ve heard it referred to as ‘intelligent exercise’’ and I think that’s a really good description, because there is a real science behind it. It’s really helped me to stay fit and well - and keep up with my 20-year-old daughter!

I used to practise yoga but unfortunately can’t anymore. I now go to a Tai chi and Qi gong class which I love and is much easier and very relaxing. It’s also very good for improving your balance.

Can anyone recommend a really good dvd for a complete novice please? Husband and I really want to give yoga a good go.

If you’ve never done yoga before I’d seriously recommend going to a class first until you know what you’re doing. In a class you have the benefit of the teacher being able to check your positions are correct and correct them for you if they’re not so you don’t hurt yourself or train yourself in the wrong way. If you build muscle strength and flexibility in the wrong way it can cause a lot of problems that are difficult to fix and may only appear several years down the line. I’m a qualified personal trainer & have seen the damage people have done following DVDs. My husband has learned yoga from me and it’s meant that to make sure he’s in the right positions I’ve had to really watch him and help correct him. There’s a lot going on on yoga it’s sometimes difficult to have every part of your body doing it right.- you can’t always see the angles you’re at. Haha
The plus side of attending a class is as I’ve already said, but also within a beginners yoga class you’ll likely learn a range of yoga styles which when you do at home you can pick and choose from- and because you’ll know what you’re doing in terms of the correct posture etc following a DVD would be pretty easy.

I’ll back up what Susannah has said about finding a class so that the teacher can check that you are doing it correctly and suggest any modifications that you might need to do. I do yoga classes in a room of mirrors and the teacher still runs round during certain poses to act as ‘knee monitor’ checking up on us.
My gym offers classes in 3 different styles of yoga (I do 2 of the 3, tried the third for a couple of months and didn’t get on with it) so it might be worth checking out your local gyms and see if any of them offer classes and have a free trial for possible new members scheme.

Thank you so much Susannah and Sasha. I really appreciate it. I will have a look around for a class near me.
I do have quite ‘clicky’ joints so I really wouldn’t want to make them any worse than they are.

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I had major knee problems years ago when I first started doing it and I started with a class and I’m so glad I did! It stopped me learning with any bad habits! As @SashaGarrett has said- a decent teacher should be running around the room making sure everyone is in the correct positions and helping you if not- including suggesting alternatives for positions if you do have any particularly ‘dodgy’ areas.
It’s good fun too! And you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see progress in your flexibility in only going to a class once a week! :slight_smile: