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Hello everyone, I personally write and illustrate children’s stories. So far I have self published them but they have had a great reception. I was wondering if there are any other children’s authors and/or illustrators here on Talk Folksy? I have searched Folksy for children’s books and not seen much. I would love to chat to people in the same situation as myself xxx

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I did a lot of illustration for children when I was at college doing Graphic Design and did a children’s book in my final year (about 40 years ago!) My tutor submitted it to a publisher, who reckoned it had too many plot holes! I’ve attempted at various times since then but always found rejection too hard to take. The only things I’ve had “published” are picture cards and wrappers for ice lollies!
I suppose with this new-fangled internet thingy, people go about publishing in a whole different way. I wish you the best of luck with your ventures, Samantha :slight_smile:

Thanks so much honey, I am currently self publishing but hopefully someday Iwill be brave enough to send them off to publishers! Xxx

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My daughter publishes and sells her childrens books on that well known site that deals a lot with e-readers and e-books. She also sells paperback copies on a fairly regular basis, (on the same site). The photo shows her Bushbabies book which I’ve used to display one of my bookmarks that I sell on Folksy.

I don’t think she’s ever tried to sell her books on Folksy and if I remember correctly she does’nt seem to think that it would be the best place for them but Folksy’s fees are so reasonable that it’s probably worth giving it a try.

Love the cuddly toys by the way!


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Oh that is brilliant, looks like a beautiful book. I have had a few sales of my books on here. It seems to work if people are shopping for gifts :slight_smile: xxx


I’ve written and illustrated a little book - self published - which is on Folksy. It’s what I call a cross-generational book but it’s perhaps an older children’s story. I also self published a little mythology book - illustrated but not for children. Good to hear other people are selling and self publishing books :slight_smile:

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Oh i love how little they are. How have you found the process of self publishing? I’ve done it twice now and still made some fundamental mistakes that had to be fixed before the final copies were printed xxx