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Calling all artists and illustrators

I have written a childrens book and am looking for an inexpensive illustrator to create fourteen ( could poss be 16) illustrations. The bad news is that i dont have lots of cash at this stage but know the book will sell down the line, as we have several pre orders.

What i need is someone who can do the illustrations for about £1000 and then a percentage royalty going forward for the first three years on a decreasing scale( for example 50p year 1, 35p year 2 and 20p year 3). The good news is that it is a volume based sales model and at the risk of sounding arrogant, my writing ability is no where near as strong as my sales and distribution skills.

Can any of you recommend someone. Style will be quite retro, Rupert the Bear meets Guess how much I love You.


I did illustration for children at college (long ago) but, having had to do “proper jobs” since then, I haven’t developed a strong personal style. I am, however, quite adaptable. If you would like to send me a sample of the text you would like illustrated, I would be happy to send you a sample of what I could do.

thanks for the prompt reply. Yes happy to send you something but will be Monday as its on a different pc

look forward to seeing it.

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Hello, I am children’s illustrator and I am interested in your project.
My portfolio:
My mail:
Best, Nico.

This looks great. Where are you based?

A bit annoying that someone should join Folksy just to advertise their non-Folksy website…


I’m not sure Siobhan is on the Folksy forum, but I follow her on instagram and she’s really good:

Thank you! I’m glad you like my work!
I am from Argentina. But I work for clients from anywhere.
I have worked for many clients and publishers from USA, UK, Canada, France, Israel, South Korea, Norway, Jordan, Spain, Singapore, etc. I have illustrated children’s stories for them.
Testimonials and referrals from clients:

Your work is fabulous, but please note that to sell on folksy you need to be based in the UK :slight_smile:


It just shows you how careful you have to be even on this friendly forum Christine, anyone, anywhere in the world can read what we write!


Sounds interesting…Have you engaged an illustrator yet?
Please take a look at my website (or shop here on Folksy)

I’m an illustrator on Folksy, not sure my work is that suitable but I can be adaptable. Check out my shop here:

and website here:

There are quite varied styles on it!! :slight_smile:

love your style but thankfully I have now sorted it.