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Chocolate or chips

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

what do you like best chocolate or chips??I love chips.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I love both, but if I had to give one of them up it would be chips. I could still have chocolate chips! :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #3

Ohhh that’s a tough question Astrid :wink:
I love both almost equally. I think chips will have to be the winner though especially with chip shop curry sauce :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Karen :sunflower:

(Suzanne Francis) #4

I do like chocolate, but im more of a savoury girl, so chips especially kettle chips :smile:

(Minerva) #5

Tough one…it has to be chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy, like the very dark one.
Chips, though…hhmmm…not so healthy.

(René Trewern) #6

I’m a chippie girl

For breakfast I had sweet chilli crisps sandwich! ooooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy… that took me back to my teenage years

(Juniper Spools) #7

Chocolate is out for me, it gives me migraines. So it would have to be chips.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #8

Chocolate most definitely !!! In fact if I was the sort of person who could eat whatever I wanted without putting on a pound I’d probably live on it :slight_smile:

(Aasiyah Johnson) #9

It has to be chocolate even when trying to lose weight I sneek a little bit of it in there lol naughty I know.

(Sharon Robins) #10

Chips, I prefer savoury and can leave sweet stuff alone. (Luckily).

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #11

Well I’ve been dieting and so far lost over a stone! Thankfully I can take or leave (generally leave) chocolate…but I would KILL for a chip!!! Lol! Mx

(Astrid Huxham ) #12

i like mint chocolate i run everyday for 35minutes to keep trim and do a walk. dont know why we all have to put on weight by just eating…

(Fiona (Fizzi Jayne) Rheinberg) #13

Chocolate, without a doubt, mmmm! I’m on a diet so craving it more :frowning:

(Sarah Eves) #14

I veer between the two - and I have been known to snatch a Hotel Chocolat box out of the courier’s hands, only to be told he wasn’t allowed to give it to me until he was into his 15 minute designated slot :smile:

Sarah x

(Jacqueline Austen) #15

This is a tough question indeed. If the chocolate is Hotel Chocolate chocolate and the chips are nice crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle, eaten from the paper at the quayside kind of chips, I would have to say that I couldn’t choose! If its Cadbury’s versus oven chips, than I would choose the chocolate I think.

Jacqueline x

(Astrid Huxham ) #16

i run everyday for fourty minutes so chocolates out…but its one of the best.poor me.

(Marg) #17

I’ve got to cut sweet stuff out so chocolate is out. I love chips, but now just limit myself to once a week, Saturday is steak night, with the chips of course.
While in Antwerp on holiday in July I had a chocolate and hot milk. A hot mug of chocolate with a “chocolate lolly”, which I dipped in until it melted. Gorgeously lovely.
On the same holiday while in Paris I ordered a hot chocolate and got a half pint jug of hot milk and the same of chocolate, Gorgeously lovely. Why can’t we have this in the UK. But perhaps it’s good that we don’t because I would pile on the pounds. Marg. x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

Chips but they have to be home made with spuds from the garden fried with their skins on and smothered in balsamic vinegar ohhh my yum yum :smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #19

Chocolate, not supposed to be eating it, but that doesn’t really stop me. I’ve found M&S Guilt Free Snacks and their chocolate fudge bars are very tasty.

(Helen Clifford) #20

Chocolate, without a doubt! Dark and rich for me.